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Job openings in March fell to lowest level since 2017 in the earliest weeks of the coronavirus pandemic

JOLTS for March "only captured part of the coronavirus shock, but the numbers released this morning are still astounding," said Nick Bunker at Indeed.

HOW TO BE A BETTER BOSS: Everything you need to know about becoming a manager who inspires teams and leads with confidence

Being the boss is harder than it may seem. Here's what seasoned executives and leadership experts have to say about improving your management skills.

Deutsche Bank is set to fire 18,000 employees around the world — and the layoffs may look totally different depending on where they happen

Laid-off employees in the US typically pack up and leave immediately. Europe gives workers a few weeks to finish up projects.
Try your hand at solving these bizarre puzzles.

19 head-scratching questions bosses have actually asked at job interviews

Think you've been asked some tricky job interview questions? We've compiled a list of some of the toughest prompts people have faced.

Lyft just poached another Google engineering executive as it continues to siphon off talent from the search giant

Lyft has a habit of poaching from Google — which might not be a bad thing for the search engine giant, considering its VC arm has invested in Lyft.
Christian Meissner is reportedly in the running for the UBS CEO role.

A former top Bank of America executive is reportedly in the running for UBS CEO role

Ex-investment banking head at Bank of America, Christian Meissner, is reportedly in talks to become CEO at UBS, replacing Sergio Ermotti.
Ed Cofrancesco, the president of International Assets Advisory.

Meet the wealth firm that proudly hires brokers with checkered pasts — from hot-dog thieves to serial email deleters

A $2.5 billion broker-dealer hires financial advisers who've had run-ins with the law or regulatory agencies.
It's harsh but necessary.

A simple but ruthless exercise reveals who your star employees are — and who should be fired

Patty McCord, Netflix's former chief talent officer, says managers should build the best team possible — even if it means firing some staffers.

Zillow’s CEO asks himself one question about every employee — and it helps him decide whether to fire them

Spencer Rascoff wants to make sure all his employees are staying relevant and growing along with the organization. If they're not? He might replace them.

22 signs it’s time to quit your job

If you've been Googling, "Should I quit my job?" it might be time to start taking the idea seriously.