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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

YouTube has started showing fact-check cards debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes

The feature is only available to a select number of Indian users at the moment, but YouTube says it will eventually be rolled out globally.

Momo is actually just a creepy sculpture made by a Japanese special effects company

The sculpture "Mother Bird" was made by artist Keisuke Aisawa for the Japanese special-effects company Link Factory.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw shares of his company's stock plunge after it reported earnings and discussed them with analysts Wednesday.

Don’t fall for the hoax: Facebook isn’t restricting your News Feed to 26 friends

It's a fraud. But there is a trick you can use to see different posts in your feed.

A 23-year-old allegedly called a hoax bomb threat in to easyJet to avoid seeing his parents

The student from Rennes allegedly made an anonymous call into easyJet, causing flight EZY4319 on January 18 to turn around and return to Lyon.

No, Instagram isn’t restricting your posts so that only 7% of your followers see them

Another day, another viral hoax about how social networks like Instagram operate.

Bitcoin scammers are sending bomb threat emails to millions around the world, but authorities are confirming ‘NO DEVICES have been found’

On Thursday, millions around the world received extortion emails demanding recipients send $20,000 in Bitcoin to a Bitcoin specific address.
YouTube employees and on-lookers in San Bruno have been evacuated from the campus.

Someone hacked a YouTube employee’s Twitter account to spread misinformation about the shooting

Several people have been wounded and one woman is dead — and now hoaxes are spreading.

There’s a fascinating new explanation for why fake news goes viral

A new study from researchers at Indiana University explores why fake news and hoaxes spread virally on social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr.

10 scientific hoaxes that rocked the world

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned hoax to remind us to be a little skeptical of outrageous scientific claims.