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The LOL Surprise is a petite doll that comes inside its own capsule that kids need to open.

A doll with a bizarre name has become the biggest toy of the holiday season by taking over YouTube with unboxing videos

LOL Surprise dolls have become the hottest today this holiday season, topping multiple best-selling lists.
Amazon exec Dave Limp with the redesigned Echo Dot.

Amazon now sells nearly a dozen Echo devices, but there’s only one you really need to buy

While there are plenty of excellent and expensive options to choose from, there's only one Amazon Echo most people really need.

A toy exec explains the biggest reason why hot toys will be so hard to find this year

Without Toys R Us, it's possible hot toys will go out of stock more quickly.

There’s an easy way to delete your entire history on Amazon — here’s how to do it

If you share a Prime account, you may want to hide those holiday presents you bought for your family on Amazon.
We don't think long-term.

Here’s why we’re all so bad at giving gifts people actually want

A study finds that present-givers focus too much on the recipient's short-term pleasure, instead of how they'll use the gift in the long term.
Crowds of holiday shoppers swarm the streets of New York City.

Photos show how much holiday shopping has changed in America over the years

A lot about holiday shopping has changed over the years, but much — like massive crowds of people — has remained the same.

Amazon’s emphasis on ‘the Turkey 5’ reveals Black Friday and Cyber Monday as we know them are dying

Amazon touted record-breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping this year. But the real story lies between and around those days.

Amazon may have just had its best Black Friday yet. Here’s what shoppers were buying.

Amazon's Black Friday sales reached "record levels" this year, the company said. The Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick were among the top sellers.
People who'd stayed up late to shop were seriously annoyed.

Furious Walmart shoppers are complaining that hot video game deals sold out seconds into Cyber Monday

Walmart shoppers have taken to social media to complain after discounted products like Playstation 4 sold out seconds into Cyber Monday.