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Target customers will have more space to shop for toys in many of the chain's stores.

TOY WARS: Walmart and Target are duking it out to take Toys R Us’ place as the holiday-shopping season looms

Walmart and Target are turning up the heat to capture the billions of dollars in sales that are up for grabs as the first holiday shopping season without Toys R Us approaches.
Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Costco, Home Depot, and dozens of other retailers are bucking a major Black Friday trend

Costco, Home Depot, and dozens of other stores will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. Black Friday sales' start times have crept earlier in recent years as retailers look to max out on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Major retailers like Walmart and Target are doing whatever it takes to convince people to work there

Walmart is reportedly surveying workers on what perks they want the most, Target is highlighting its higher starting pay, and Kohl's is offering workers "unprecedented" discounts.
The FurReal Munchin’ Rex.

Amazon says these will be the 25 toys every kid wants the most this holiday season

Amazon has already announced its top 25 toys for the holiday season as part of a larger, 100-toy list. Amazon is expected to make a big push into toys this holiday season to fill the void left by the liquidation of Toys R Us.

Retail stocks are rising after a report said last year’s holiday season was ‘better than anything we could have hoped for’

The holiday season wasn't just good for Amazon. Traditional retailers are seeing big upticks Friday.

These stores made big moves to defy the retail apocalypse

Big efforts to draw in customers during the holiday season paid off for brands like Target and Kohl's.

Americans love to buy toys, jewelry, and music on their smartphones

Nearly one quarter of all e-commerce spending in the US now occurs on mobile devices.

Now is the best time to go holiday shopping if you hate crowds

If you want less-crowded stores, aim for the middle of December.

Etsy usually has a great holiday season — but Amazon could ruin things this year

Esty's sales tend to spike during the holiday season. But hopes for a similar jump this year could be unfilled, with Amazon targeting the homemade goods market.
Black Friday's name has nothing to do with the sales stores do on the day.

Here’s why we call it ‘Black Friday’

The term "Black Friday" was coined by traffic cops in Philadelphia.