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Natalie Portman then and now.

10 child stars who are still ruling Hollywood

These child stars have continued to give stellar performances, dominate at the box office, and earn prestigious awards as adults.
People watch a movie at a cinema in Wanda Group's Oriental Movie Metropolis in Qingdao, China, on April 27, 2018. The Wanda Group conglomerate owns theater chains.

China is ramping up censorship of its movie industry ahead of the Communist Party’s huge 70th-anniversary celebrations, and Hollywood is steppin...

Experts told Business Insider that Hollywood had a "big opening" to take advantage of China's increasing censorship of domestic movies.
Jameela Jamil and Jonathan Van Ness wore the same hot-pink Rochas dress just days apart.

Jonathan Van Ness and Jameela Jamil wore the same hot-pink dress, and she says he wore it better

Jonathan Van Ness of "Queer Eye" wore the same Rochas gown to a red-carpet event just days after "The Good Place" star Jameela Jamil wore it.
Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik are splitting up.

Zooey Deschanel is splitting up with her husband Jacob Pechenik

The "New Girl" star and Hello Giggles cofounder, and the fintech entrepreneur turned movie producer, will no longer be "life partners."
Singer and songwriter Bebe Rexha recently clapped back against a music executive who told her she was "too old to be sexy."

12 celebrities who have spoken out against ageism in the entertainment industry

From Jennifer Aniston to Madonna, a number of stars have opened up about the realities of aging in the spotlight.
Lupita Nyong'o, left, and Letitia Wright, right, appear in 2018's "Black Panther."

Hollywood nearly quadrupled the number of women of color in leading roles last year, but it still needs to do more to include LGBTQ people

The movie industry is getting better at casting women and people of color, according to a new study, but there are still huge b;lind spots.
Scarlett Johansson and "Avengers: Endgame" costar Chris Evans have been making roughly the same amount of money on screen for years.

Scarlett Johansson is getting paid as much for ‘Black Widow’ as her male Marvel costars — more than $15 million

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress confirms she will make a salary that's on par with her male "Avengers" costars.
Kanye West constructed wood domes he hopes will be used for low-income housing.

Kim Kardashian took fans inside Kanye West’s new-age domes that he wants to turn into housing for the homeless

Kim Kardashian West gave her Instagram followers an inside look at the project after celebrating West's father's birthday inside the domes.

30 celebrities who don’t seem to have aged over the past 20 years

We're not sure how they do it, but these celebrities seem immune to the passage of time and the formation of wrinkles.
In the 1979 movie "Alien," the xenomorph tries to attack Sigourney Weaver's character.

The iconic film ‘Alien’ came out 40 years ago. A scientist explains why Hollywood depictions of extraterrestrials have changed since then....

It's been 40 years since "Alien" came out. The aliens now depicted in Hollywood blockbusters are less humanoid and more scientifically plausible.