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Mike Huckabee is getting slammed for suggesting German Chancellor Angela Merkel should feel ‘awkward’ for commemorating the Nazis’ D...

Huckabee is the father of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and was the Republican governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007.
Staff work inside the headquarters of Al Jazeera Network, in Doha, Qatar June 8, 2017.

Al Jazeera apologized and suspended 2 staff after it published a viral video asking: ‘How true is the Holocaust?’

The Qatari broadcaster said the now-deleted video claiming that Jews exaggerated the extent of the Holocaust did not meet its editorial standards.

Alabama’s new anti-abortion law compares abortion to the Holocaust and other genocides

Rabbis and Jewish advocacy organizations, however, slammed the comparison as offensive, exploitive, and ignorant of historical context.
Anne Frank is pictured above in 1940.

The Harvard Lampoon apologizes for photoshopping Anne Frank’s head onto a bikini-clad body

Hundreds of Harvard students signed a petition condemning the satirical magazine for the blunder, according to the Harvard Crimson.

Nancy Pelosi gave a full-throated defense of Rashida Tlaib after Trump and Republicans called her Holocaust comments anti-Semitic

Pelosi called on Trump and Republicans to apologize to Tlaib and the "American people" for their "gross misrepresentations."

The CEO of Volkswagen says sorry after quoting the Holocaust phrase ‘Work sets you free’

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said "ebit macht frei" at an internal company event, echoing the maxim "arbeit macht frei." He apologized for the remark.
Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke to a raucous crowd in Brooklyn at his first 2020 campaign rally on March 2, 2019.

Bernie Sanders finally got personal in his first big 2020 rally, which is a major break from his 2016 campaign

"I know where I came from! And that is something I will never forget," Sanders said as he spoke in his hometown borough of Brooklyn.
WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 05: Holocaust survivor Judah Samet, guest of President Trump, looks on during the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives on February 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. President Trump's second State of the Union address was postponed one week due to the partial government shutdown.

Members of Congress sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to a 81-year-old Holocaust survivor at the State of the Union

Congress just sang 'Happy Birthday' to a Holocaust and Tree of Life massacre survivor in the middle of the State of the Union address.

A real-life Nazi hunter who once slapped a German Chancellor in the face has been awarded one of France’s top awards

Serge and Beate Klarsfeld have dedicated their lives to tracking down and exposing Nazis. The couple, who received France's top award on Monday, have brought at least 10 war criminals to justice.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook apologises to the Anne Frank Center for removing image of naked child holocaust victims

Facebook apologises to the Anne Frank Center for removing an article it posted which featured an image of naked child holocaust victims. Facebook said it was removed because it featured nude images of children, but later restored the post.