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Andrew Yang wants to use a hologram of himself to campaign in multiple places at once.

2020 contender Andrew Yang wants to use a 3D hologram of himself to campaign in multiple places at once

In a recent TMZ appearance, Yang unveiled video footage showing a hologram of himself performing a duet alongside a hologram of rapper Tupac Shakur.

A man married a hologram of a virtual reality singer in Japan

Akihiko Kondo, a 35-year-old school administrator, married a hologram of the virtual reality singer Hatsune Miku in Tokyo.
A holographic display was a key plot point in Star Wars.

This startup just got $7 million to invent the holographic screen of the future

Light Field Lab is focused on perfecting a small prototype — think Princess Leia from "Star Wars," or a shark emerging from the screen.

Sorry folks: That music festival’s plan for a Harambe hologram is totally fake

The Day For Night music festival was advertising a Harambe hologram. Unfortunately, it's not really happening.

Physicists just did the impossible, and it could change the way we look at the quantum world

Until recently, scientists didn’t think it could be done. They thought the fundamental laws of physics would forbid it.

Alibaba could lead a $1 billion round in a mysterious Google-backed startup that raised $542 million a year ago

Alibaba is reportedly in talks to lead a new $1 billion round of funding in Magic Leap, the Google-backed augmented reality startup.