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This outlet shelf is perfect for Amazon Echo devices, but it'll work for anything under 10 lbs.

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He demonstrated an entrepreneurial edge from an early age.

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Home Depot CEO Craig Menear got his start in retail right after college and later worked his way up the ladder at the home-improvement retailer.

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Holloway Bay lets you customize curtains at a relatively affordable price. We tried them and think they're a practical, unique addition to any space.
Having to lug your heavy pot filled with water to the stove is a thing of the past.

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It's time to start spring cleaning and sprucing up your home. Begin with the Wayfair home renovation sale and save up to 70% through April 2.

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Custom curtains and shades company Mesken is one of the first direct-to-consumer home startups we're seeing to address a long-ignored problem.

American homeowners are looking to spend an average of nearly $7,000 on their homes in the next 3 months — and it’s good news for Home Dep...

Home Depot and Lowe's stand to benefit from American homeowners' home-improvement plans in the coming months, according to UBS.

A Home Depot exec explains the key reason why pushing for ‘the store of the future’ could backfire

Home Depot's in-store experience and visual-merchandising director, Albert Vita, shared his thoughts on innovation and the store of the future.
This steel frame with wooden slats took me less than half an hour to put together, so I could sleep in elevated comfort right away.

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