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The author's home is not pictured.

I’m a landlord and I’m glad I’m renting out my home, but I’d warn anyone to watch out for 4 pitfalls

Becoming a landlord is a big decision, and it isn't necessarily the financial windfall it may seem. Here's what one landlord wants you to know.
"Most of my clients wind up increasing their budget by 50% or more," one real-estate agent told Business Insider.

11 things real-estate agents wish they could tell you — but won’t

From how much money they really make to "your home isn't selling because you have no taste," here are 11 things real-estate agents wish they could tell their clients.
Too many clients make lowball offers that offend the seller of the home.

The 13 biggest mistakes people make when buying a home, according to real-estate agents

Common mistakes people make when buying a home include making lowball offers and holding out too long for the "perfect" home.
Getting rid of clutter is the easiest and cheapest way to spruce up your home.

Real-estate agents say there’s an easy step you can take to increase the value of your home — and it’s completely free

Real-estate agents told Business Insider that there's a free and easy step you can take to increase the value of your home.

8 tips on mortgages for first-time home buyers, according to an expert

From finding down-payment resources to understanding lender fees, here are eight things an expert thinks every home buyer should know about mortgages.

13 real-estate agents reveal the strangest and most extreme requests they’ve ever received from clients

Business Insider surveyed real-estate agents around the country about the strangest requests they've gotten from clients.
There's more to buying a house than you think.

10 hard truths no one tells you about buying a house

Being a homeowner is part of the American dream, but that white picket fence comes with a side of unexpected realities.

3 charts show how turbo-charged house prices led to a millennial home-ownership ‘collapse’

Stagnant wage growth and rocketing house prices have caused home-ownership in adults to "collapse," according to a report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

There’s a simple reason the percentage of people owning a home is at a historic low

If it feels as if your parents could afford to buy a house when they were your age, and you can't, you're not alone.

Millennials are fleeing these 10 American cities because of high home prices

Most millennials want to own homes, but they'll likely be driven to the suburbs because of high home prices in cities.