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The fan I rely on to keep me cool in my overheated NYC apartment is only $35

I've had this $35 fan for years, and it still keeps me cool and comfortable on hot nights, plus it does a great job of circulating air around my room.

11 top-rated bathroom cleaners and tools to get rid of mold and grime in your shower

Using these bestselling sprays, scrubbers, and cleaning pads, you can make your bathroom squeaky clean again.

This brand I discovered on Amazon is a lifesaver for renters who want inexpensive, but sturdy furniture

I didn't want to spend my weekends browsing furniture stores, so I spent my nights browsing Amazon instead and stumbled upon the home brand Zinus.
Kitchens have evolved drastically throughout the years.

THEN AND NOW: Here’s how US kitchens have evolved throughout the years

From refrigerators to toasters, this is every way US kitchens have evolved over the 20th century.

The best air purifiers you can buy

If you suffer from allergies or you react badly to pollutants, you need an air purifier. These are the best air purifiers you can buy in 2019.

The best blenders you can buy

Who doesn't love smoothies? Whether you want smoothies, frozen drinks, or soup, a good blender can get the job done. These are the best blenders.
Pictured: iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop, $169, available at Amazon

12 smart home gadgets that practically clean the house for you

Cleaning all the rooms and appliances in your home takes time and effort, so why not let a gadget or tool help you out with the work?

Weezie is a new bath-linen startup making monogrammed towels cool again — here’s what makes them different

Weezie makes you feel right at home with its collection of plush, durable, and customizable bathroom towels made from 100% organic long-staple cotton.
Pictured: Rapid Ramen Cooker, $7.99, available at Amazon

18 ‘Shark Tank’ home products that are actually useful

These "Shark Tank" home products solve for the wasteful design, while others address the annoying inconveniences that everyone experiences.

This startup lets you design your own custom curtains for $99 a panel — here’s what we thought after trying them

Holloway Bay lets you customize curtains at a relatively affordable price. We tried them and think they're a practical, unique addition to any space.