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An aerial view of San Francisco's first temporary sanctioned tent encampment for the homeless on May 18, 2020 in San Francisco, California.

Photos show how San Francisco is housing its homeless in socially distant tent camps

The sanctioned camp provides homeless residents a place to pitch their tents and have access to resources such as showers, electricity, and food.
Julie Mariane, who has been living in the street for one and a half years, at a motel room provided to homeless people through Project Roomkey on April 26, 2020.

The San Francisco Bay Area is putting homeless people with COVID-19 in hotel rooms. Some are given alcohol to prevent withdrawal.

Homeless guests in San Francisco hotels can order cannabis. Those in Contra Costa can choose between airplane-style bottles of vodka or beer.

As unemployment continues to rise, the US could face another crisis: Homelessness across the country could increase by 45%

"This is unprecedented," Dan O'Flaherty said, according to the study. "No one living has seen an increase of 10% of unemployment in a month."
A subway car in New York City, New York.

Homeless New Yorkers say they have nowhere safe to sleep now that the subway is shutting down for nightly cleanings

Shelters are susceptible to coronavirus outbreaks because of overcrowding, leaving the homeless with few options.

Patrick Quinones is homeless in the middle of a pandemic. Now he’s part of a group suing to halt San Diego from enforcing its ban on sleeping in...

Advocates for the homeless and disabled are suing the city to stop enforcement of an ordinance prohibiting sleeping in cars during the coronavirus outbreak.
New York soup kitchens like the mobile Grand Central Food Program are seeing a spike in demand amid the coronavirus health crisis.

The largest mobile soup kitchen in America is scrambling to keep up with a 50% spike in demand

Food programs have become vital as more than half a million New Yorkers have lost their jobs during the health crisis.
Cheryl Doktorczyk and her fiance

My fiance and I lost our jobs and then our apartment because of the coronavirus crisis. This is what it’s like trying to survive and social dist...

Cheryl Doktorczyk wants the coronavirus to go away "more than anything." With shops closed, finding somewhere to wash up has been nearly impossible.

An emergency measure just passed that will require San Francisco to rent 7,000 hotel rooms to house its entire homeless population

The hotel rooms would give the city's homeless residents space to shelter in place alongside the rest of San Francisco.

San Francisco’s largest homeless shelter has been hit with a coronavirus outbreak, with 70 confirmed cases

The outbreak at MSC South comes as the city continues to address how to best house and protect its homeless community during the coronavirus outbreak.

There are more vacant hotel rooms in San Francisco than there are homeless people as the city decides whether to house its 8,000 homeless in empty hot...

An estimated 30,600 hotel rooms are empty in San Francisco at the moment as 8,000 live homeless on its streets during the coronavirus pandemic.