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LeBron James says he doesn’t think Daryl Morey was ‘educated’ before sending pro-Hong Kong tweet, says there are ramifications to fr...

LeBron James said he didn't think Daryl Morey was educated on the potential impact of his Hong Kong tweet.
Blitzchung, real name Chung Ng Wai.

The banned ‘Hearthstone’ gamer at the centre of a China censorship furore spoke out for the first time after Blizzard reduced his ban

Blizzard announced on Saturday that it would be reducing Blitzchung's ban from one year to six months.
China's President Xi Jinping speaks during the 86th Interpol General Assembly at the Beijing National Convention Center in Beijing on September 26, 2017.

Xi Jinping warns that attempts to divide China will end with ‘crushed bodies and shattered bones’

Xi's comments come as pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have entered into their 19th week and have recently seen an uptick in violence.
Justin Anderson #7 of the Washington Wizards and Mingyang Sun #12 of the Guangzhou Long-Lions go after the ball during the second half at Capital One Arena on October 9, 2019 in Washington, DC.

China and the NBA are coming to blows over a pro-Hong Kong tweet. Here’s why.

Chinese leagues, streaming services, sponsors, and partners, have cut ties with the Rockets and the NBA in response to the tweet.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Hong Kong lawmaker who relied on the banned HKMap Live app warns Apple from becoming an ‘accomplice for Chinese censorship’

Charles Mok, a Hong Kong legislative councillor, made the comments in an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook published on Twitter.

Tim Cook sent a memo to employees explaining why he stands by Apple’s decision to remove an app used by Hong Kong protesters to track police

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a staff email that the app HKmap.live was being used to "maliciously target individual officers for violence."
A protester makes a gesture during a protest on June 12, 2019 in Hong Kong China.

Google said it wasn’t responding to a request by the Chinese government or police when it pulled a game about the Hong Kong protests from its ap...

Google denied that it pulled the game from the Play Store because of a takedown request from the Chinese government or Hong Kong police.
A still from the live interview that saw pro esports player Blitzchung banned.

Blizzard’s former ‘World of Warcraft’ lead is boycotting the firm for punishing a ‘Hearthstone’ competitor who supported...

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, Mark Kern said he'll stop playing 'World of Warcraft' - a game he helped make - and criticised China's games industry.
A riot police officer fires a tear gas canister toward anti-government protesters.

China’s grip on Apple tightens as it boots a Hong Kong police-tracking app and news app Quartz

Apple says believes an app for tracking the Hong Kong protests has been used to 'target and ambush police,' and so has taken it down.
A worker removes a large poster from a building ahead of NBA Shanghai Game 2019 between Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers at the Lujiazui Zhengda Plaza on October 9, 2019 in Shanghai, China.

All of the NBA’s partners in China have suspended ties as the firestorm over Daryl Morey’s Hong Kong tweet heats up

All 11 of the NBA's Chinese sponsors have suspended ties with the league as the feud over a Hong Kong tweet continues to escalate.