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Hong Kong protesters plan major New Year’s Day rally after three days of Christmas chaos

More than 300 people were arrested during the Christmas chaos.

More than 8,000 petrol bombs primed for Hong Kong streets ‘found in weapons factory at Chinese University’

Carrie Lam said it was shocking a university campus had hosted a production line for the weapons.

Singapore investor first to bear the brunt of Hong Kong’s radical protests with dents on Temasek investments

About 10% of Temasek’s S$313 billion of assets is denominated in Hong Kong dollar, the third largest by currency exposure.

Hong Kong protests: university campus stand-off between radicals and riot squad shows no sign of ending as thousands hit streets in bid to relieve pol...

A mother burst into tears as she searched a hospital looking for her son, whose friends said was seriously injured after taking part in the conflict at PolyU. The hospital had no record of his admission.

11 social media posts that show Hong Kong descending into more chaos as police lay siege to university campus

The stand-off went past the 24-hour mark, with no resolution in sight.

DBS branch in Hong Kong vandalised with vulgarities directed at PM Lee Hsien Loong, PAP; graffiti has been removed

Some Hong Kongers have been upset by comments PM Lee made on the Hong Kong protests.

Man doused with flammable liquid and set on fire during Monday mayhem in Hong Kong

Several people were shouting at the man before one of them set him on fire.

YouTube video shows the moment Hong Kong police shot a 21-year-old, and the chaos that ensued

Video shows the 21-year-old approaching the policeman before he was shot. A total of three live rounds were fired during the altercation.

Carrie Lam went live on Facebook to answer questions – and people reacted with 9,000 ‘angry-face’ emojis

She questioned ‘puzzling’ calls for the police force's disbandment, since protesters would still have to seek its help in times of trouble.