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Switzerland's national flag flies below a logo of Swiss bank UBS in Zurich

UBS faces a $51 million fine for overcharging Hong Kong accounts through excess trade fees

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission found the bank's malpractice affected roughly 5,000 clients over about 28,700 transactions.
A police officer ramming into a protester with a motorcycle on the morning of November 11, 2019, as seen in a video widely circulated on social media.

Video shows Hong Kong police officer ramming into protesters with a motorcycle, on day of violence that saw another protester get shot

The incident took place Monday morning local time as demonstrations turned violent, and one protester was shot at point-blank range by police.
A policeman in Sai Wan Ho shoots a protester at point-blank range on Monday, November 11, 2019.

Video shows Hong Kong police shoot protesters at point-blank range during early-morning rush-hour clashes

This is the third time the police have fired live rounds at crowds since protests began in June. Protests have now entered their 24th straight week.

Disney warns the Hong Kong protests could slam its operating profit with a $275 million hit

Disney CFO Christine Mary McCarthy said operating income fell $55 million at Hong Kong Disneyland last quarter.

Hong Kong enters its first recession in a decade after months of protests

The protests are "exacerbating an already-weak economy" by harming the retail, tourism, and restaurant sectors, Financial Secretary Paul Chan said.
Li took out newspaper ads asking the protesters to "stop anger and violence in the name of love" in August.

200 Hong Kong restaurants have permanently shuttered since the protests started 5 months ago — and the city’s richest billionaire just ple...

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing said that his $25 million gift was intended to "ease the pressure" on Hong Kong's small businesses.
Hong Kong has been rocked by increasingly violent protests over the past four months.

Hong Kong to enter recession after protests destroyed retailers and brought the city’s tourist industry to its knees

Hong Kong is set to record its second consecutive quarter of economic growth, which is a technical recession.
The Center skyscraper is pictured in Hong Kong, where a parking space recently sold for nearly $1 million.

A parking space in the basement of a Hong Kong skyscraper just sold for almost $1 million

The parking space is located in the basement of The Center, one of Hong Kong's tallest buildings, which was featured in "The Dark Knight" movie.
Hillary Padget and Anthony Harrington in their loft apartment in Brooklyn

25 photos of tiny living spaces around the world

From "coffin homes" in Hong Kong to compact apartments in the US and Europe, here are some of the smallest homes from around the world.