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A San Diego councilman tweeted pictures and a video of a hot air balloon crash-landing in his neighborhood.

A hot air balloon crash-landed in a San Diego neighborhood for the second time. Here’s the video.

Video posted by the city official shows a massive navy balloon drifting lower and lower just over the neighborhood's homes.
There's a hot air balloon somewhere among these beach balls...

Can you find the hot air balloon hidden among the sea of beach balls?

Summertime means beaches and sunshine and lounging about. Travel company Big Domain has created a brainteaser to celebrate exactly that.

A hot air balloon crashed into a crowd of spectators in Missouri, injuring a young girl

A young girl suffered a serious spinal injury in the crash on Saturday at the Hannibal, Missouri bicentennial celebration.

This beautiful park in Paris was built on top of an old car manufacturing plant

Parc Andre Citroen is considered one of Paris's largest urban renewal projects.