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Sustainable Bioproducts gets the ingredients for its 'super protein' from the depths of Yellowstone's volcanic hot springs.

A food startup backed by 2 industry giants is diving into the alt-meat market with a ‘super protein’ enabled by a discovery in Yellowstone...

A new 'super protein' startup launched with backing from Silicon Valley VC firm 1955 Capital and the venture arms of global food companies Danone and ADM.
Snow monkeys enjoy a soak to take the stress off.

Snow monkeys can de-stress by taking hot baths — just like humans

Snow monkeys use the springs to warm up in winter, according to the researchers behind the study. And when they bathe, their stress hormone levels drop.

A hot bath may have health effects similar to exercise

It turns out that an hour-long hot bath (or a dip in some hot springs) can boost metabolic health and cause an anti-inflammatory response similar to exercise.