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What is the Norway model?

Theresa May is under growing pressure to change course and pursue a Norway-style Brexit. Here's what that means.

Theresa May just lost a crucial vote on whether parliament will get a ‘meaningful vote’ on the Brexit deal

The amendment would give parliament the power to decide what steps Theresa May should take if her Brexit deal is voted down.

Theresa May suffers a major Brexit defeat on her plans to leave the customs union

The House of Lords inflicted an embarrassing defeat on Theresa May on Wednesday as they passed an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill.
Lord Bates

A government minister resigned for being late — but Theresa May has refused to accept it

Lord Bates told peers he was "thoroughly ashamed" of himself.
The House of Lords at the State Opening of Parliament

Peers warn the EU withdrawal bill gives ‘excessive’ power to ministers

A House of Lords committee has said that the EU withdrawal bill aims to give "unacceptably wide" secondary powers to the government.
The House of Lords at the State Opening of Parliament

‘Couch potato’ peers are claiming millions of pounds despite not speaking in the House of Lords

Research by the Electoral Reform Society finds that 115 Lords claimed £1.3 million despite not speaking in the chamber.

The Great Repeal Bill is a political nightmare that could end Theresa May’s premiership

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is a legal, regulatory and political nightmare for the prime minister.

Labour will support Theresa May on the Great Repeal Bill, chief Brexit spokesperson says

Baroness Hayter said that Labour has "certainly not said we will oppose it" although they are committed to ensuring "the government does what it has promised."

Here are the 17 jobs that will lose out the most under Britain’s tax credit cuts

The Child Poverty Action Group says nationally £4.4 billion would be taken from low-paid families if the cuts are approved.