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Europe is 16% more expensive than it used to be.

How Europeans’ household net worth is ‘now exclusively driven’ by negative interest rates

The cheaper you make mortgages — via negative interest rates — the more house prices go up as the supply of buyers enjoying easy cash increases.
New townhouses under construction in Northeast Washington, DC.

A ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ is making the housing market more hellish for first-time buyers

The share of people who cite rising home prices as the reason why it's a good time to buy is at the highest level of the survey's history, going back to the late 1980s. It's "a case of expected asset inflation becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy," the economist David Rosenberg said.
London property — getting cheaper by the day.

London house prices are falling at the quickest rate since the financial crisis

According to Acadata, house prices in the capital fell to an average of £593,396 in January, an annual fall of 2.6%.
A general view of the Mount Nicholson project developed by Wheelock and Company, in Hong Kong, November 1, 2017.

The most expensive apartments in Asia just sold for $149 million

While two properties in Hong Kong sold for $149 million, a record 88,000 families applied for subsidized housing in one of the world's most expensive cities.

Here’s what you can buy in 10 stunning cities around the world for the price of a one-bed London flat

You can get a seven-bedroom mansion complete with a swimming pool in South Africa for the same price as a one-bed flat in the UK capital.

The 19 hottest housing markets in the world

Home prices across the world are slowing down, but these 19 top the list.

There’s about to be a shift in who dominates the US housing market

The balance of power in the US housing market will shift from sellers to buyers by 2019, according to experts surveyed by Zillow.

San Francisco’s out-of-control housing market might start looking more ‘normal’ by the end of the year

The city is one of the most dire examples of the current housing crunch, in which potential homebuyers are plentiful and ready but inventory is insufficient.

Home prices are getting out of control in these 18 American markets

"The struggle will continue for home shoppers this summer."