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Yemen's Houthi movement forces are seen during withdrawal from Saleef port in Hodeidah province

A drone attack at a Saudi Arabia airport killed one person and wounded seven people

The Houthi rebels from Yemen, who are backed by Iran, attacked an airport in Abha, Saudi Arabia. They have been fighting an Arab coalition since 2015.

Yemen civil war: Who’s fighting the brutal conflict that’s left millions on the brink of famine

Yemeni civilians are caught in the crossfire in this proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. These are the major players fueling the brutal war.
Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a news conference at the Ministry of Defence in Tel Aviv, Israel, April 30, 2018.

Israel’s Netanyahu appeared to admit his country was trying to advance a ‘war with Iran’

Israel frequently strikes Iranian targets in Syria. Iranian forces in Syria and its partners in the region frequently fire missiles at Israel.
A boat docked in the bay near the Jazan Port in Saudi Arabia on January 14, 2010.

Drone boats filled with explosives are the new weapon in global terrorism

On Sunday, the Saudi Royal Navy said it intercepted two boats laden with explosives traveling toward the country's major port of Jazan, located north of Yemen.
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Oil prices climb as Iran-backed Houthi rebels attack Saudi Arabian tankers

Saudi Arabia closed a strategic shipping lane in the Red Sea following an attack on two of its large oil-tankers. Brent crude oil futures rose 0.6% to $74.35 per barrel on Thursday at 6 48 GMT, after a gain of 0.7% on Thursday.
Saudi Arabia's missile defense system intercepts several missiles fired from rebel-Houthis.

Saudi Arabia’s missile defenses look to have ‘failed catastrophically’ at trying to stop a large Houthi strike

One person died and two others were injured from shrapnel, according to a news outlet based in the United Arab Emirates.
An image from an undated video released by Houthi rebels appearing to show a captured US Navy unmanned underwater vehicle.

Houthi rebels captured what appears to be a US Navy underwater drone off the coast of Yemen

The unmanned underwater vehicle was called a "spying device," but a US official said it was being used for scientific research.
Saudi special forces soldiers with G36C assault rifles.

Saudi Arabia has the best military equipment money can buy — but it’s still not a threat to Iran

Saudi Arabia has one of the most impressive arsenals in the world, large ambitions, and a very capable rival. What it doesn't have is realistic capability.
Member of a special force loyal to the Houthi rebels holds an RPG launcher as he rides atop a vehicle during a military parade in Sanaa

US missile defenses fired 5 shots at an incoming target — and it looks as if they all missed

A missile expert told The New York Times: "You shoot five times at this missile and they all miss? ... That's shocking because this system is supposed to work."