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Sacha Baron Cohen and Howard Dean on "Who is America?"

Sacha Baron Cohen tried, and failed, to convince a former presidential candidate of a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is secretly a man

Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential candidate, was the latest target on Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical show "Who is America?" Cohen, posing as a conspiracy theorist, tried to get Dean to comment on rumors that Hillary Clinton is a man.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want one of the party’s most progressive members to lead the DNC

Some of the top Democratic leaders are already throwing their weight behind a new leader to chair the Democratic National Committee.

‘I am in’: Howard Dean wants to be DNC Chair again.

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is putting himself back in the running for chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Trump campaign: Howard Dean’s cocaine comment was ‘beyond the pale’

Rumors ran rampant after the GOP nominee was heard sniffling throughout the presidential debate.

Howard Dean questions whether Donald Trump’s sniffles were because of cocaine

Social media was abuzz about the GOP nominee's sniffling during the presidential debate.