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Saudi Arabian women can now drive — here are the biggest changes they’ve seen in just over a year

Women in Saudi Arabia were finally allowed to begin driving on Sunday, a culmination of a decades-long rights campaign. But Saudi women have seen many changes this past year as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ascended to the throne and began modernizing the Kingdom.
An ethnic Uyghur man has his beard trimmed after prayers on June 30, 2017 in the old town of Kashgar, in the far western Xinjiang province, China. Kashgar has long been considered the cultural heart of Xinjiang for the province's nearly 10 million Muslim Uyghurs.

While Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ immigration policy sparks controversy in the US, China is detaining hundreds of thousands of legal ci...

There are so many children in China whose parents have been detained that orphanages have become overcrowded and children have been moved away to other centers, where their parents may have difficulty eventually finding them.

Conservative media insist the ‘cages’ used to detain migrant children are simply ‘fences’

Conservative media are pushing back on allegations that the Trump administration is inhumanely caging migrant children at the border by arguing that the so-called "cages" are, in fact, "fences" and "security pens."
Anastasia Lin.

Australia’s public broadcaster canned an interview with a campaigner for human rights in China, and she says it was because of her ‘affili...

Australia's public broadcaster ABC cancelled the interview with former Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin because of her "affiliations." A producer said the order came from "higher ups." The BBC, New York Times, and CNN have all run interviews with Lin in the past.

Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte slammed the International Criminal Court as backed by a bunch of ‘white idiots’

Duterte also urged other nations to "get out" of their membership with the ICC because it is a "rude" organization.
Women rally against President Rodrigo Duterte for International Women's Day on March 8, 2018 in Manila, Philippines.

The Philippines added a UN human rights worker to the country’s ‘terror hit list’

The UN fired back after the list was made public on Friday, saying Duterte needs a "psychiatric evaluation."

A former Chinese state prosecutor criticized Xi Jinping’s plan to rule indefinitely and now he’s been arrested

This appears to be the first arrest, though at least one dissident was sent away on a forced "holiday" ahead of China's annual legislature meeting this week.

China is using a tweet from Elon Musk as a propaganda tool

Musk tweeted about a railway station upgrade completed by 1,500 workers in nine hours. State media seized the tweet and declared Musk was "amazed" by China.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May performs a Chinese New Year ritual in Beijing, China, in January 2018.

Chinese state media praises ‘pragmatic’ Theresa May for not mentioning their atrocious human rights while visiting them

The Global Times newspaper said comments over Chinese human rights would be 'contrary to the goals of her China trip.'
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the construction site of Ryomyong Street, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

North Korea bashes US for human rights ‘abuses’ like racism, marijuana, and Trump’s tweets about CNN

The US stands accused by North Korea of "dozens of atrocities" including Trump's presidential cabinet of billionaires, racism, and the use of marijuana.