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Fitbit pops after expanding its partnership with health insurer Humana

Shares of Fitbit jumped more than 4% Wednesday after the wearable-device maker announced it has expand its partnership with health insurer Humana to help people establish healthy habits and prevent chronic disease.
A worker prepares the check-out area at a newly built Walmart Super Center prior to its opening in Compton, California.

Walmart’s potential Humana bid ‘could serve as a distraction’ from its core business

A big push into healthcare could distract Walmart from improving its stores and e-commerce offerings, a UBS analyst says.

Walmart slides amid reports it’s in talks to buy health insurer Humana

Walmart is reportedly in early-stage talks to acquire health insurer Humana.

Walmart’s talks with an insurance giant tell you everything about how healthcare is changing

If Walmart decides to acquire Humana, it would be the latest in a trend of integrating pharmacies and consumer businesses with health insurers.

Healthcare stocks are rallying after Senate GOP leaders unveil health care plan

The much-anticipated GOP health care bill is finally here and the healthcare stocks are loving it.

President Obama just sent a letter to health insurance CEOs asking for help fixing Obamacare

President Obama sent a letter to health insurance CEOs asking them to help stabilize the future of Obamacare's health insurance marketplaces.

One of the biggest problems with Obamacare is only getting worse

Obamacare's competition problem isn't getting any better.

AETNA: Here’s what it would take for us to completely abandon Obamacare

Aetna said that if its deal with Humana is squashed by the US Department of Justice, then it will leave Obamacare entirely.