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A great white shark breaches out of the water.

Killer whales feast on the livers of great white sharks — just one orca sighting can keep the sharks away for a year

The carnivorous stars of "Jaws" have some competition from an even more ferocious predator. Great white sharks, it seems, are afraid of killer whales.

Dick’s Sporting Goods will stop selling guns in 100 more stores after a successful 10-store test

Dick's Sporting Goods announced it is expanding its ban on gun sales, from 10 stores to more than 125.
The giant ground sloth bones at Campo Laborde.

Humans once hunted and butchered giant ground sloths in South America, 12,600-year-old bones reveal

Giant sloth fossils from a site in Argentina reveal that the animal was hunted and killed by humans 12,600 years ago.
A mountain lion makes its way through fresh snow in the foothills outside of Golden, Colorado, in 2014.

The hunter who went viral for posing with a dead mountain lion says she and her family ate it and rely on hunting for meat

Hunter Franchesca Esplin went viral after posting a Facebook video of her hunting a mountain lion and a photo with its bloody corpse.

A hunting group is raffling off the chance to go on a five-day guided elk hunt with Donald Trump Jr., who the organization dubbed ‘the modern-da...

Hunter Nation is selling $10 tickets for a raffle in which the winner will go on a five-day elk hunting excursion with Donald Trump Jr.

A hunter had to have his leg amputated after a dog accidentally stepped on the trigger of his shotgun and sent a bullet through the man’s thigh

Matt Branch, 29, is recovering after being shot during a December 28 duck and deer hunting trip with friends and family in Eagle Lake, Mississippi.
Cannon Harrison, a game warden in McIntosh County for the Oklahoma’s Department of Wildlife Conservation, shared his story of speaking to the woman on the department’s Facebook page.

A woman bragged about poaching a deer to a man on Bumble — and he ended up being a game warden

Cannon Harrison, a game warden in McIntosh County for the Oklahoma's Department of Wildlife Conservation, shared his story on Facebook.

A Michigan sheriff asked not to be arrested on drunk driving charges: ‘Jesus Christ, I’m a sheriff’

On Thursday, Michigan sheriff Scott Stephenson pleaded guilty to operating a motor vehicle while visibly impaired.

A man was shot in the back by his own dog who put his paw on the trigger of a shotgun

Sonny Gilligan was in the front seat of his vehicle on October 25, when his dog, Charlie, put his paw on the trigger of a shotgun in the back seat.
She called the goat "beautiful."

‘Huntress’ faces backlash for shooting goats in Scotland and posting pictures of it on social media

On Tuesday, Larysa Switlyk, a self-described "hardcore huntress," shared photos of herself with animals she had shot while visiting Scotland.