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A WC-130J Super Hercules from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, aka Hurricane Hunters, takes off.

‘Hurricane Hunters’ have been flying in and out of Dorian — here’s what they’ve seen inside this powerful storm

Hurricane Dorian is a massive storm that is now threatening the US East Coast. Here's what it looks inside this devastating storm.

Meet the Hurricane Hunters — the pilots and scientists who fly into hurricanes like Dorian to gather data for forecasters

As Hurricane Dorian turns toward Florida, the Hurricane Hunters are flying their planes through the storm to gather data. Here's how they do it.

A scientist who’s flown into 18 big storms says Hurricane Michael had the craziest turbulence — but those bumpy rides could help forecaste...

The hurricane hunter Jon Zawislak was on a plane in the eye of Hurricane Michael just before it made landfall last week. Such flights help meteorologists better understand how strong a storm will be when it lands, but they can also be very bumpy rides.
Hurricane hunters are a critical component of hurricane forecasting, providing information we can't get from satellites.

‘We’re not crazy’: A NOAA hurricane hunter reveals what it’s like to fly into a big storm like Hurricane Michael

Hurricane hunter Jon Zawizlak sips ginger ale and eats pretzels before he flies into big storms. The turbulence can get a bit rough, and he'd rather not deal with stomach issues on an eight-hour research flight.