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Hurricane Michael blasted Florida with up to 155 mph winds. Here’s how it compares to other destructive storms in US history.

Here's how Hurricanes Florence and Michael compare to other devastating storms that have hit the US in recent history. In many cases, the wind speed isn't the only factor in how costly the storms were.

Freakishly warm ocean water is a major reason why Hurricane Michael became the strongest storm in decades

Hurricane Michael came roaring ashore in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, a Category 4 storm with maximum winds topping out at 155 mph. The waters in that part of the ocean are anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than usual, providing the perfect hurricane fuel.

Early videos of Hurricane Michael reveal the scale of the storm’s destruction in the Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Michael, the most powerful storm the US has seen in nearly 50 years, is tearing through the Florida Panhandle, ripping apart homes and flooding the coast. The storm made landfall near Mexico Beach on Wednesday afternoon and could easily be seen from space.

Hurricane Michael has made landfall in Florida with 155 mph winds. It’s the third-strongest storm ever to hit the US.

Hurricane Michael has made landfall on Florida's Gulf Coast. It is a major Category 4 hurricane and the third-strongest to ever hit the US. The National Weather Service warns the hurricane will bring life-threatening storm surge.
Hurricane Michael is the most powerful storm this area of Florida has ever seen.

Watch how Hurricane Michael morphed from a small tropical depression into a record-breaking Category 4 hurricane over the course of 72 hours

Hurricane Michael whipped itself into a fury over the past 72 hours, and is headed for land in the Florida Panhandle as a monster Category 4 storm. The 150 mph winds are already causing destructive storm surge, as water piles onto the shore. Floodwaters could reach 14 feet in some spots.
The eye of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence could dump up to 40 inches of rain on parts of the Carolinas — here’s why the deluge may be so intense

Flooding is set to pummel the Carolinas this weekend as Hurricane Florence batters the coastline. Here's why the storm, one of the most powerful that shore has ever seen, is likely to linger.
Hurricane Florence over the Atlantic.

Hurricane Florence could be the most powerful storm to ever make landfall north of Florida

Hurricane Florence is set to be the most powerful storm ever to make landfall in North Carolina if predictions hold. No Category 4 hurricane has ever made landfall directly on the state's coast.

We’ve reached the peak of Atlantic hurricane season — and three hurricanes are churning at once

The Atlantic hurricane season generally peaks around September 10. And right on cue, three hurricanes have formed, including Hurricane Florence, which is expected to hit the US East Coast.