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Last week, President Trump warned US consumers could face 25% tariffs on good imported from Mexico.

President Trump’s trade wars, Boeing’s 737 Max scandal, and rising oil prices are causing a $7.5 billion headache for airlines, industry g...

Airline stocks have struggled in 2019, and the industry's biggest trade group is warning that profits are set to decline to their lowest level in years.
The International Air Transport Association said that the low safety rating attributed to them was not real.

A viral rumor after the Lion Air crash claims the airline already had the worst possible safety rating — but it isn’t true

A fake screenshot of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website claims Lion Air has a one-star rating. The IATA does not rank airlines.
Brent Crude prices.

Airline CEOs are warning that plane tickets are about to get more expensive

The price of fuel has increased by roughly 57% in the last year and airlines are going to pass on that cost to consumers through higher prices. Airlines around the world are expected to see profits fall by 12% during 2018.