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Apple’s iPhone sales in China collapsed last quarter, and it’s because they cost too much

It wasn't just Apple that got whacked, though, as China's entire smartphone market shrunk nearly 10% in the quarter, lending credence to Apple officials saying that the drop was related to overall conditions in China.

The tablet market just keeps on falling

There's just less reason for people to upgrade.

Here are the companies that sell the most PCs worldwide

HP is back on top, but the more notable story is how big of a role Google's Chromebooks are playing.

The Galaxy S8 arrives as Samsung’s hold on the smartphone market is slipping

Samsung has a good amount riding on the Galaxy S8.

Augmented reality will become a $50 billion business in 5 years, analysts say

Plenty of tech companies seem convinced that augmented reality is the next big thing.

Fitbit is still the leader in wearables, but it’s losing its grip

Fitbit is still the name to beat in wearables, but Xiaomi and Apple are gaining.

PC sales in 2016 were the lowest they’ve been in a decade

The traditional PC continued its freefall in 2016.

Apple Watch sales plunge as Fitbit continues to rule wearables

Apple was the only annual loser in the top 5 wearables companies.

This is the most important month so far in the Apple Watch’s life

In the second year that the Apple Watch has been on sale, it has seen big annual declines.

Apple Watch sales are in freefall

Apple shipped 1.1 million Apple Watches last quarter, which is down 71.6% from the year-ago period.