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15% of registered voters say they believe the Illuminati exists

That could be as many as 30 million voters, if the poll is an accurate picture of the population.

Republican voters are more likely to believe in Bigfoot and the Illuminati, while Democratic voters are more likely to believe in aliens

According to a new INSIDER poll, Republicans and Democrats differ when it comes to believing in unproven theories like Bigfoot and chemtrails.
Amazon and Hulu feature "documentaries" about discredited and discriminatory conspiracy theories.

Amazon and Hulu’s algorithms are recommending conspiracy theory films, and the consequences could be more serious than you might think

Amazon and Hulu continue to recommend content that promotes conspiracy theories, despite an industry-wide effort to purge them.
Taco Bell's 'Belluminati' ad

‘The Illuminati is not a frivolous subject’: singer of ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’ slams Taco Bell commercial on Twitter

The musician Charlie Daniels, best known for his hit 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia,' had a warning for Taco Bell on Monday evening.

I went to a decadent, $450-a-ticket party inspired by the Illuminati — and it was a totally surreal experience

Although I've been sworn to secrecy by a man holding a sword against my hands, I can tell you that it was a night I will never forget.