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How to right click on a Mac computer in three different ways

Figuring out how to right click on a Mac isn't always obvious. Here are three ways to right click on a Mac, depending on what kind of mouse you have.
AirDrop is one of the easiest ways to share files between Mac computers and other Apple devices.

How to AirDrop files from a Mac computer to other Apple devices

Here's a guide on how to turn on AirDrop discovery on a Mac computer, and use it to send files to or receive files from any Apple device nearby.

There’s one big reason why you shouldn’t buy Apple’s new $1,300 iMac

The $1,300 iMac with a 21.5-inch display still comes with an old and slow hard drive that doesn't match the rest of its specs.
Apple launched its second-generation AirPods last week.

Apple made 15 surprise announcements this week — here’s everything it unveiled

Apple just unveiled new AirPods, new iPads, and more.
The idea behind Apple's patent is to give wireless power to nearby devices so that their batteries don't need to be recharged.

Apple came up with a clever new idea that could be the future of wireless charging

Apple's patent shows wireless charging, but without the wireless charging pad.

Apple’s new iMacs are the high-end desktop computers Mac fans have been waiting for — and they’re available now for $1,299 and up

Apple came out with a couple new iMac computers. Here are the specs, prices, and availability for the new iMacs.

Apple just updated the iMac for the first time since 2017 with a big performance boost

Apple has refreshed the iMac with new processors that should offer better multitasking and speedier graphics performance.

Apple’s price hikes have gone way too far

Apple products have always been expensive. But over the last year, they've taken a step toward exorbitant.

There’s a simple reason Apple’s Black Friday deals are so boring: Apple doesn’t need Black Friday

Apple is holding a four-day shopping event that kicks off on Black Friday.
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, which has held two press events in the last two months to announce new products.

New AirPods didn’t make the cut at Apple’s big event — here’s what else Apple left out

Rumors and reports suggest the company has new AirPods and other products in the works, but it didn't choose to unveil them Tuesday.