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You can lock your Mac computer with just a keyboard command — here’s how to set it up

To lock your Mac from your keyboard, you'll have to enable a passcode. Afterwards, you can lock your Mac with just a keyboard command.
You can edit PDFs on your Mac with Preview.

How to sign, annotate, and edit a PDF on a Mac computer using Preview

You can edit a PDF on your Mac with Preview, an app that's built-in to your computer from the start. You can use this program to edit photos, too.
There could be several issues behind why your Mac won't turn on.

‘Why won’t my Mac turn on?’: Troubleshooting tips for any Mac computer that won’t start properly

Various problems with your hardware or software could be why your Mac won't turn on. Here's how to troubleshoot your Mac, and get it working again.
You can reset Safari on your Mac with a few different steps.

How to reset all of your Safari browser’s settings on a Mac, including clearing your cache and removing plugins

You'll have to take a few different steps to fully reset a Safari browser's settings on a Mac, but it could help resolve issues and speed up your Mac.

How to quickly resize an image or many images at once on a Mac computer, using its default Preview app

You can use a Mac's default image-viewing program, Preview, to resize any image or multiple images at once. Here's how to resize images on a Mac.
One keyboard command can let you search for words in almost any Mac program.

How to search for a specific word or phrase in nearly any program on a Mac, using a keyboard shortcut

You can search for a word or phrase on your Mac computer using the keyboard shortcut Command + F in nearly any program with text-based documents.

How to change the language and ‘region’ on your Mac, for multilingual users and those living abroad

You can change your Mac's language to dozens of different options, and even edit your keyboard settings and time zone to match. Here's how.

How to change the icon for any program or file on your Mac, and remove it later if you need to

You can change any app or file icon on your Mac to an image you've saved or already use for another file — and easily remove it afterward. Here's how.
Once you have a scanner ready for use, you can scan documents onto your Mac with these steps.

How to set up a scanner on your Mac computer and use it to scan documents

The method you'll need to scan a document on a Mac depends on what kind of scanner you have. Here's how to set up nearly any scanner on a Mac.

How to save and delete webpages on the Reading List in your Mac computer’s Safari browser

You can add items to or delete items from your Mac's Safari Reading List with a keyboard command or a few clicks, respectively. Here's how to do it.