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Immigration activists, including members of the DC Justice for Muslims Coalition, rally against the Trump administration's new ban against travelers from six Muslim-majority nations, outside of the US Customs and Border Protection headquarters in Washington.

Trump confirms he’ll expand the travel ban to 7 additional countries, including Sudan and Nigeria

The Trump administration is reportedly expanding his controversial travel ban to seven more countries on the 3-year anniversary of his original order.
An armored police truck outside of the New York Port Authority on Monday following a botched NYC subway explosion.

A terrorist attacked New York City’s subway with a nail bomb — here’s how the devices work and why his didn’t

Monday's botched terror attack involved a pipe bomb surrounded by nails and screws. Such explosive devices can shoot metal fragments at speeds of 2,000 mph.

‘The whole series of tweets is relevant’: Trump’s Twitter rant could undercut the legal case for his ‘travel ban’

President Donald Trump's doubling down on his travel ban could complicate his administration's argument in the case as it heads toward the Supreme Court.

The 10 foreign countries that send the most students to American colleges

The number of foreign students in the US was up 7.1% from academic year 2015-16.

A conservative Starbucks shareholder was booed for questioning the chain’s plan to hire refugees — here’s the CEO’s response

Starbucks CEO defended hiring refugees, after shareholders booed a conservative critic who questioned the coffee giant's policy.

STARBUCKS CEO: Not every decision in business is an economic one

"Leadership and moral courage is not a passive act," CEO Howard Schultz said at the Starbucks' shareholders meeting on Wednesday.

Harvard president on Trump: ‘This administration seems unpredictable in many ways’

Harvard President Drew Faust explicitly criticized President Donald Trump in a media roundtable at Bloomberg News on Tuesday.

Trump spurred a ‘consumer awakening’ that is pushing businesses into uncharted territory

As boycotts sweep the industry, both American shoppers and President Trump expect business to get political — or face consequences if they fail to do so.