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In-N-Out has temporarily closed all of its locations in Texas.

In-N-Out closed all of its restaurants in Texas because of bad buns

In-N-Out Burger restaurants have remained closed in Texas after the chain says it was not satisfied with the quality of buns it received. A spokesperson said the chain will reopen the restaurants in the next day or so.
Employees at In-N-Out Burger say they're more satisfied than others at tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

In-N-Out employees can work their way up to $160,000 a year with no degree or previous experience

In-N-Out Burger pays employees really well, with store managers pulling in six-figure yearly salaries.
These fast-food chains exceed expectations.

Fast food chains like In-N-Out are quickly becoming jobs people want to have

From In-N-Out to Starbucks to Chick-fil-A, these are the six fast-food joints with the most satisfied people, based on employee ratings on Glassdoor.

In-N-Out is expanding to Colorado

The celebrated West Coast burger chain In-N-Out just signaled that it's expanding into another state.

These 5 companies are subtly spreading religious messages — and many customers have no idea

Some major American companies subtly send religious messages to customers — even if most people don't notice.

In-N-Out and Whataburger could soon become intense rivals — and it’s clear who makes a better burger

In-N-Out and Whataburger both have some devoted fans. I tried them both in a classic taste test.

Consumers are demanding that In-N-Out stop ‘dragging its feet’ and make a big change to its beef

Representatives from 30 consumer groups sent a letter to In-N-Out demanding the company stop serving beef produced with a problematic ingredient: antibiotics.

In-N-Out just lost its title as America’s favorite burger chain

Five Guys has triumphed over In-N-Out in a battle of the burger brands.

Meet the mysterious 35-year-old In-N-Out heiress who just became one of the youngest billionaires in America

Billionaire heiress Lynsi Snyder will gain full control of In-N-Out on her 35th birthday.

Californians’ love of In-N-Out isn’t actually about the quality of its burgers

In-N-Out is beloved by Californians because, for them, the burgers and the fries and the shakes — but especially the burgers — represent a state of mind.