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High paying jobs, great health, and free time galore: The 13 US cities where people enjoy the most balanced lifestyles

Factors from income equality to average hours of sleep helped MagnifyMoney identify the US cities where residents live the most balanced lifestyles.

The highest-paid men earn over $200,000 more than the highest-paid women in the US — on the low end

In Connecticut, the highest-paid men earn $444,000 more than the highest-paid women.

There’s a reason the highest-paid men in the US earn more than women — but it’s not the pay gap

The problem may not be pay rates, but the lack of women in leadership roles at all levels of the corporate ladder.

A Kenyan woman shares how a free $1,000 lifted her out of poverty for good

The NGO GiveDirectly has given free money to people in Kenya for several years. A woman named Joice shares what it was like to get $850 over a year.