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Margot Lee is a senior at Syracuse University.

Syracuse University has an ‘unofficial pop-up class’ on becoming a YouTube star taught by a student who has 425,000 subscribers

Margot Lee has carved out a brand niche for herself as a college YouTuber, and has worked with brands like Sephora, Amazon, and Glossier.
Jolie King and Mark Firkin in April 2018.

Iran detained 2 travel influencers who were traveling the country trying to ‘break the stigma’ around it with posts on YouTube and Instagr...

Jolie King and Mark Firkin were arrested in July near Tehran, accused of flying a drone without a license, the Iranian diaspora Manoto TV reported.
Kody Workman and Kelly Castille of Positravelty.

An Instagram travel couple say the ‘stupid beyond belief’ photo of them hanging off a cliff was ‘not dangerous’

Followers condemned the pair for "encouraging others to risk their life," but the couple told Insider they simply "like to play with perspective."
Emma Chamberlain and her dad, Michael Chamberlain.

YouTube star Emma Chamberlain’s dad on what it’s like when your teen daughter suddenly has millions of subscribers, and the advice he gave...

Emma Chamberlain’s dad Michael shares the advice he gave Emma when she was first starting out online.

An influencer who shared a bikini photo in the Bahamas to show support for Hurricane Dorian victims says she was ‘in no way’ trying to pro...

Speaking to Insider, influencer Tatiele Polyana said she made the Instagram post because she was "very sad" to hear about the devastation.

Seeking nominations for the top talent managers in the YouTube and influencer space

We want to hear from you on which talent managers have risen to the top, and are assisting YouTube creators in their online businesses.
Marina Mogilko has three successful YouTube channels.

How to become a successful influencer, according to YouTube and Instagram stars

Here are some of the strategies YouTube stars, Instagram influencers, and podcasters use to gain success online and make money from their followings.
Premiere of "Claire" The Claire Wineland Story

‘Finding your purpose is not some grandiose moment’: A new YouTube documentary shows the life of vlogger Claire Wineland, who became an ad...

YouTube depicts the life of the late vlogger, Claire Wineland, with a new YouTube Originals documentary, "Claire."
Alexa Dellanos has 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

An Instagram star with 1.4 million followers says she makes $64,000 a year just from her selfies, and she thinks getting plastic surgery helped

Alexa Dellanos, 23, told Insider that having over $17,000 of cosmetic surgery helped her boost her Instagram following.
Marissa Grossman at an event in New York in July 2018.

An Instagram influencer is begging people to ‘stop bullying’ her after she promoted a bikini brand in a post paying tribute to her dead re...

"STOP BULLYING ME," Grossman said. "My friends would be texting me if they were alive saying 'Can I borrow that and probably never give it back?'"