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Ashley Quiroz is an influencer with more than 324,000 subscribers on YouTube.

An influencer’s side-by-side makeup look shows how much beauty trends have changed since 2016

Ashley Quiroz created the split makeup look, and posted an entire video about the process on YouTube.
So long as you're seeing your doctor regularly, "popping" sooner shouldn't be a cause for concern.

A pregnant fitness influencer’s side-by-side photos show how much sooner women ‘pop’ after their first child

Emily Skye shared photos of her first and second pregnancies, both at 19 weeks. An OB-GYN said showing sooner the second time around is normal.
Dhar Mann.

How I went from having zero video experience to building a following of over 10 million on Facebook by creating my own content

Dhar Mann started his channel with 125 views. A year and a half later, he had four billion. He says storytelling is the key to his success, and yours.
Courtney Quinn.

The cannabis influencers of social media, New York’s top creators, and a leaked TikTok campaign brief

This week's rundown includes how much a YouTube video with 100,000 views makes and inside how Cash App went viral on TikTok.
Chris Tyson, Jimmy Donaldson, and Chandler Hallow.

2 of MrBeast’s childhood friends explain what it’s like to work on the YouTube star’s team, from dropping $60,000 on a video to goin...

MrBeast's best friends Chris Tyson and Chandler Hallow shared what it's like to work full time for one of YouTube's top creators.
Sisters Apparel is a merchandise line owned by the popular YouTube creator James Charles.

LinkedIn influencers making money, a shake-up in the YouTube merch world, and artists using TikTok to boost sales

This week's rundown includes how much influencers get paid for sponsored posts and the main ways a 22-year-old beauty influencer makes money.
Adelaine Morin.

Top beauty influencer Adelaine Morin says ‘people think that YouTubers make a lot of money but if we only did YouTube we wouldn’t’

Beauty and fashion influencer Adelaine Morin said she has multiple revenue streams, like selling merchandise and promoting brands online.
Roi Fabito, who is known online as Guava Juice.

Inside the business of YouTube star Guava Juice, who has 14 million subscribers, and a toy line sold at Target and Walmart

Roi Fabito started his YouTube career out of boredom in 2006. Today he has grown the Guava Juice empire into a lucrative business.
Emma Chamberlain has 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Seeking nominations for the top PR agents in the YouTube and influencer space

Business Insider is launching a list of the top public relations agents in the influencer industry with clients across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
The Sway House, or Sway LA, is home to six TikTok stars represented by TalentX Entertainment. Back row, from left: Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, and Jaden Hossler. Front row, from left: Kio Cyr and Griffin Johnson.

A mansion full of TikTok stars, how Rhett & Link make $17.5 million yearly from YouTube, and inside Bon Appétit’s test kitchen

This week's rundown includes how much money 4 YouTube creators earned in 2019 from Google ads, with one earning over $400,000.