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A travel influencer has gone viral for kissing strangers in front of landmarks for romantic photos.

An Instagram influencer kisses strangers in front of iconic landmarks to create romantic travel photos

Kristiana Kuqi's pictures are now going viral on Twitter, where she's being hailed as a "legend" and an inspiration for solo travelers everywhere.

Gen Z app TikTok is running a SE-Asia talent competition to discover more stars – here’s how to take part

30 people will be selected for the regional finals at the end of this month.
Bodybuilder Connor Murphy demonstrated how fitness influencers strategically pose to make themselves look good in photos.

A bodybuilder showed how fitness influencers can make their bodies look Instagram-perfect in before-and-after photos

Connor Murphy posted a video to his YouTube channel in 2016 that highlights the ways people can manipulate their appearance for photos.

This English priest with 100,000 Instagram followers says he’s tired of comparisons to Fleabag’s ‘hot priest’ and getting unso...

Aside from unwarranted nude photos, Rev. Chris Lee told The Telegraph that social media fame has allowed him to spread his faith to the masses.
Austen Alexander has 135,000 subscribers on YouTube.

An active-duty US Navy sailor shared his experience on YouTube and has now become a popular influencer

Austen Alexander is an active-duty sailor for the US Navy, and he's also a popular YouTube influencer with 135,000 subscribers.
Lindsay Ellis has 835,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Prominent YouTube creator Lindsay Ellis is challenging the platform over the way it handles copyright claims

Lindsay Ellis said YouTube's way of handling a copyright claim from Universal put one of her sponsorships in jeopardy.
Eleni Chechopoulos in one of her YouTube vlogs.

A wellness influencer told her Instagram followers that shampoo causes weight gain, but nutrition experts are calling her comments ‘madness̵...

Registered nutritionist Jenny Rosborough told Insider that the lack of regulation on social media is "the biggest problem."
"Ryan ToysReview" is now "Ryan's World" on YouTube.

The world’s top-earning YouTube star, an 8-year-old boy, has renamed his channel as his business empire grows

Ryan Kaji, 8, announced in a recent YouTube video that his channel would now be named "Ryan's World."
Megan Batoon has one million subscribers on YouTube.

YouTube star Megan Batoon mixed comedy and dance to gain 1.1 million subscribers, despite other YouTubers saying picking one would be ‘better fo...

Influencer Megan Batoon built a business online through YouTube. Now she has a podcast, sells merchandise, and has appeared in several films.
Sophie Elise regrets having cosmetic surgery on her butt.

A Norwegian influencer warned against cheap cosmetic procedures and said she will get her enlarged butt looking ‘natural’ again

Sophie Elise wrote a blog post about how she was "lured to Turkey" for a butt lift, and now she wants it reversed.