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Ali Maffucci further explained her decision in an Instagram story.

An influencer defended her decision to break self-isolation rules and flee from New Jersey to Florida: ‘Our lives were at risk where we wereR...

Ali Maffucci spoke to the New York Post about how she and her husband decided their move was "essential travel."

In a tearful post from the Hamptons, an influencer apologized after fleeing NYC following her COVID-19 diagnosis

Something Navy's Arielle Charnas responded to criticism she faced for fleeing New York City during the coronavirus outbreak.

A top TikTok influencer was preparing to rent a ‘collab house’ to live in with 6 other creators, but those plans are now on hold

TikTok star Josh Sadowski broke down what it's like to develop a TikTok collab house in LA, and what he wants to do differently from other groups.

Top brands suspend influencer affiliate programs, how social-media viewer habits are changing, and running sponsored posts during a crisis

This week's rundown includes how nano influencers make money on TikTok and how one creator is planning to launch a collab house.

How the coronavirus is changing the influencer business, according to marketers and top Instagram and YouTube creators

Business Insider spoke to influencer-marketing professionals across the industry to learn how they're adjusting during the coronavirus pandemic.
Influencer Arielle Charnas attends the Beach Magazine Celebration of Cover Star Arielle Charnas at the Southampton Social Club on July 24, 2019 in Southampton, New York.

A fashion influencer who contracted COVID-19 is receiving backlash for fleeing NYC to the Hamptons with her family

The influencer outraged followers after posting several photos of her family relocating to a home in The Hamptons.
Charli D'Amelio is the most followed creator on TikTok with 44 million followers.

Seeking nominations for the top talent managers and agents for TikTok creators

Digital talent managers and agents assist their clients in expanding business and landing major partnerships with top brands.
Trisha Paytas is upset restaurants are closed.

Trisha Paytas spreads more misinformation about the coronavirus in a new video, saying it’s just ‘the flu’ and young people can̵...

The YouTuber said times are tough for her because she can't go out to eat as much as she usually does.
Nikkie de Jager arrives at the Teen Choice Awards at Galen Center on August 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

YouTuber NikkieTutorials called out Ellen DeGeneres in a Dutch TV interview after appearing on her show

The YouTube beauty star NikkieTutorials seemingly criticized Ellen DeGeneres on a Dutch talk show, according to translations of the interview.
David Dobrik can't make his regular high energy vlogs.

David Dobrik asked fans to bear with him as the coronavirus has made it ‘basically impossible’ to film the stunts for his vlogs

"You're going to have to bear with me on the vlogs for a little bit," he wrote. "Regular posts will be back as soon as quarantine is over."