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Aggie Lal, who’s instagram @travel_inhershoes, apologized to her followers

An Instagram influencer charged people $500 for a social media master class that students now say was a scam

Aggie Lal, whose Instagram @travel_inhershoes has more than 890,000 followers, launched a 12-week, $497 course called "How to grow your Instagram."
At her wedding, Instagram star Pia Muehlenbeck wore a custom gown that took over 800 hours to make.

An Instagram star with 2 million followers asked her wedding guests to dress only in ‘pale neutrals,’ and the photos show everyone deliver...

Photos from Instagram star Pia Muehlenbeck and her husband Kane Vato's wedding in Australia show that their guests wore muted, neutral colors.
Petite 'N Pretty makeup

A startup called Petite ’N Pretty wants toddlers to start wearing makeup

Petite ’N Pretty founder Samantha Cutler said the makeup should promote creativity — and the words "petite" and "pretty" have nothing to do with it.
Instagram influencers are using hashtags related to the California wildfires to promote their products. A firefighter sprays water near a burning home as the Camp Fire spread in Magalia, California, on November 9.

Instagram influencers are using hashtags about the devastating California wildfires to promote products

Many people have used Instagram to post photos of the deadly wildfires in Northern and Southern California.
Should a bride and groom be able to dictate what wedding guests wear?

An Australian Instagram star with 2 million followers has some pretty intense dress code requirements for guests attending her wedding

Pia Muehlenbeck created a mood board on her wedding website to help guests choose an outfit that would fit the dress code and create the influencer's aesthetic.

Brands are direct-messaging 13-year-olds on Instagram to pay them $5 or $10 at a time to promote products without a contract

Retail brands are allowing teenagers and pre-teens to get in on the influencer game. According to a report in the Atlantic, teens often make between $5 and $20 for posting sponsored content from small startup brands.

The personal trainer who only eats 2 meals a day reveals why he won’t touch a protein shake

Max Lowery, 27, wouldn't touch one if you paid him. "I'm anti them for 90% of people."
A YouTube video sponsored by paid essay writing service EduBirdie.

YouTube just pulled hundreds of videos endorsing a homework service that encourages students to cheat

YouTube pulled hundreds of videos sponsored by paid essay writing service EduBirdie, which encourages academic cheating. The promotions violate YouTube's Academic Aid policy, which states that "advertising is not permitted for academic aids."
Lissette Calveiro, 26, racked up $10,000 of debt trying to become an Instagram star, the New York Post reported.

A 26-year-old woman racked up $10,000 of debt after trying to become an Instagram star — and it reveals a huge issue with the platform

Some millennials say they're sinking thousands of dollars into crafting perfect Instagram photos, and backlash is brewing.