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ImJayStation, real name Jason Ethier.

A YouTube star admitted his girlfriend is still alive after he uploaded fake videos saying she’d been killed by a drunk driver and he had made c...

ImJayStation, who has 5.4 million subscribers, now says his girlfriend Alexia is trying to ruin his life by accusing him of assault.
Brian Barczyk with his alligator RJ.

YouTube’s resident exotic animal expert explains why he feels most alive when working with reptiles that ‘could potentially kill’ hi...

For Brian Barczyk, the deadly animals he meets are far from his concern. His biggest challenge is the unpredictable YouTube algorithm

Jake Paul says his controversial influencer squad Team 10 would be lost without him: ‘I’m the special secret sauce’

Team 10 has maintained a low profile in recent months, which Paul said is because he's "waiting for the right moment" to reveal some big changes.
Influencer Keiko Lynn.

Some top Pinterest influencers say they still earn more money on Instagram, where they have vastly fewer followers

Pinterest is growing fast and recently passed Snapchat in terms of US users, but it has yet to compete with Instagram on influencer marketing.
Josh Pieters and the quail chick he hatched from a supermarket egg.

Meet the ‘most underrated’ creator on YouTube, who fooled a stadium with an Ed Sheeran lookalike and hatched a quail from a grocery store ...

On the surface, Josh Pieters makes prank videos. But underneath, they're also social experiments answering questions you didn't know you had.
Timing is everything on TikTok.

The New York Jets deleted a TikTok video where they made it look like a football flew out of a teenager’s butt

The TikTok appeared on the team's account on Monday, but was quickly removed within an hour of being posted.
Millennials love meat-and-cheese boards.

Influencers posting artsy photos of ‘adult Lunchables’ are blowing up among millennials with small living spaces and a passion for meat an...

Meat-and-cheese boards have become a massive trend on social media, propelling some enthusiasts to the status of "charcuterie influencer."
Gabbie Hanna considered getting chin liposuction.

The struggle YouTubers are facing with their body image isn’t just a result of vanity. It’s a long-standing battle between hate comments, ...

Being so visible can increase confidence in many ways, but it can also warp the way influencers see themselves.
One student got the shock of his life.

YouTuber David Dobrik surprised fans with Justin Bieber and one of them said his new single was ‘not that good’ without realizing the sing...

YouTuber David Dobrik took superstar Justin Bieber in his Tesla to surprise some students at UCLA in California.
DJ Marshmello and YouTube star Brian Barczyk.

A 50-year-old built a lucrative business on YouTube by posting videos about the snakes, geckos, and alligator he owns

Brian Barczyk is known online for sharing vlog-style content about his life and the snakes, geckos, and other reptiles he owns and breeds.