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A Sonos Play 1 speaker

Sonos warns it could be forced to raise prices if Trump’s trade war escalates

Smart-speaker maker Sonos filed regulatory documents for an initial public offering on Friday, and listed US tariffs on China as a risk factor. Companies going public are required to alert investors to risk factors ranging from war to competition.
Docusign CEO Daniel Springer

$3.1 billion startup DocuSign just made its IPO paperwork public — its sales are growing, but it’s still posting big losses

Docusign, the 15-year-old electronic signature company, brought in $382 million in sales in fiscal 2017, but it also posted a $115 million loss.

This year is shaping up to be a hot one for IPOs in the tech industry

A parade of tech startups — many in enterprise — are marching towards the public markets. Business Insider spoke to bankers who say there's a good reason.

Hong Kong eyes blockbuster China tech IPO queue, led by Xiaomi

Hong Kong bankers are eye...
President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin just released a report outlining how to catalyze grow for smaller companies.

The Trump administration just revealed how it wants to make going public easier for companies

Trump's Treasury department just released a plan outlining how it wants to catalyze small business growth and make it easier for companies to go public.

Roku’s CEO and other insiders will control 98 percent of the company’s voting power even after its IPO

Roku CEO Anthony Wood will have 32% of the company's voting power, and other insiders will hold another 66% after its public offering.

Apple TV competitor Roku hopes to raise as much as $252 million in IPO

The maker of video streaming device hopes to IPO with a valuation of up to $1.3 billion.

The company behind the burger chain that Kanye West and Nicki Minaj are obsessed with is planning to raise $24 million in its IPO

Fatburger, a burger chain with a cult following on the West Coast, is ready to claim the "FAT" ticker on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

Airbnb declares a truce in its lawsuit against its hometown of San Francisco

Airbnb has reached a settlement after suing San Francisco over its short term rental laws.