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An under-the-radar credit card benefit might not be as exciting or glamorous as points or miles, but in a pinch it’s just as useful

Look beyond the bonus and rewards when picking a new credit card. The purchase protection benefits can be valuable, too.
Holly Johnson.

I have 26 credit cards and I use 4 basic questions to decide when it’s worth opening a new one

Even with 26 credit cards, I occasionally sign up for new ones. That may sound crazy, but there are plenty of reasons pay attention to new offers.

Every small business owner should consider signing up for this Chase card — even freelancers

The Chase Ink Business Preferred offers proprietors and small businesses a way to earn reward points while separating personal and business finances.
Choose the travel credit card that can help you take the trips you want.

9 questions to choose the perfect credit card to help you travel the world on points

Not all credit card and airline points are created equal. Look at the points your travel credit card earns on purchases, and be sure you can use them.

I have 26 credit cards — here’s how I decide which one to use

I only carry three or four credit cards with me when I go somewhere, even though sometimes I do trade cards in and out of my wallet.
Holly Johnson.

5 credit card mistakes even smart people make, according to a woman with 26 cards and excellent credit

Having a lot of rewards credit cards makes it easy to lose track, buy things you don't need, and even rack up debt. But you can do better.

I used points for a $10,000 seat in international business class, and it convinced me all over again that credit card points can be worth their weight...

I flew international business class for the first time in my life using miles that I earned with smart spending. Here's how you can do the same.
The key to paying your credit cards on time is taking control of the due dates. The author is not pictured.

I have 18 credit cards. After years of struggling to keep them straight, here’s the best strategy I’ve found so far

The best way to pay your credit cards on time is to change the due dates so they're all due on the same days of the month, and easier to remember.
Chase Ultimate Rewards can provide a ton of value, if you use it right.

6 ways to get more value on groceries, restaurants, and travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards, using the credit cards you already have

Chase Ultimate Rewards is one of the most versatile rewards programs available. You can use points for merchandise, cash back, gift cards, or travel.
Every entrepreneur should have a business-only credit card for business expenses.

3 reasons you should never put personal purchases on a business credit card

You should always keep your personal expenses and business expenses separate and here's why.