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Facebook’s lead HR consultant explains how the company radically changed the way it trains managers

Instead of taking a class or two, managers get three months of personalized coaching.

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Facebook's interviewing process is aimed at finding people who are already passionate about the company.

Facebook’s most asked interview question is tough to answer but a brilliant way to find the perfect fit

Facebook often asks: "On your very best day at work — the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world — what did you do that day?"

Facebook’s head of recruiting explains the company’s top 3 approaches to finding exceptional employees

Facebook's global head of recruiting breaks down the talent search and interview processes.

The 5 values Facebook looks for in every employee

Facebook's HR chief explains why the company looks for "builders."

Facebook’s HR chief explains how the company does performance reviews

Facebook's biannual employee evaluations take into account insight from both colleagues and managers.

Facebook’s HR chief recommends this business book to all new managers

Lori Goler explains why "First, Break All the Rules" has helped lay the foundation for Facebook's management approach.