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An NFL player who pleaded guilty to insider trading is reportedly facing an 8-game suspension

Mychal Kendricks will reportedly be suspended eight games after pleading guilty to making $1.2 million as the result of an insider-trading scheme.
Elon Musk at a SpaceX competition for Hyperloop pods in August 2017.

Elon Musk buys $10 million worth of Tesla stock

The CEO had originally promised to buy $20 million at the next available window.
The SEC charged Qualys executive Amer Deeba with insider trading on Thursday.

The SEC charged a cloud executive with insider trading after he allegedly saved his brothers from $600,000 in losses

The SEC says that Qualys executive Amer Deeba allegedly tipped his family off to poor financial results at the company.

Cleveland Browns cut Mychal Kendricks amidst charges of insider trading just 2 months after signing him to the team

Mychal Kendricks admitted to insider trading on Wednesday, prompting the Browns to release him before bringing their roster down to 53 players for the regular season.
Rep. Chris Collins talks to reporters in Washington.

GOP Rep. Chris Collins abandons his bid for reelection amid insider trading allegations

GOP Rep. Chris Collins of New York announced Saturday that he will not seek reelection. Collins' announcement came after he was arrested by the FBI this week on insider trading charges.

A former Equifax executive has been charged with insider trading for selling shares before the company’s massive data breach was announced

Jun Ying, who was next in line to be Equifax's global chief information officer, made almost $1 million on the trades, according to an SEC complaint.
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Amid controversy over Intel CEO’s stock sale, SEC warns executives about trading shares before disclosing security breaches

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold shares before the Meltdown and Spectre attacks became public. The SEC is warning other executives not to do anything similar.

WCT co-founder fined RM3.73m for insider trading

Pexels A co-foun...
The price of bitcoin cash surged on December 19 after Coinbase added support for the cryptocurrency.

Coinbase blames extreme buyer demand for last month’s bitcoin cash disaster

The price of bitcoin cash quadrupled on the GDAX in its first day of trading there last month. Coinbase says there were too many buyers and not enough sellers.
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross arrives at a state dinner at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, November 9, 2017.

More incredibly embarrassing, possibly criminal, news about our Commerce Secretary

Opinion: Ross made $682M selling his shares in Bank of Ireland before it was discovered the bank was using accounting tricks to look healthier than it was.