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Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown says the doctor who accused him of farting in his face joked about the incident — and he has the texts to prove it

Victor Prisk, who owns an orthopedics and wellness clinic in Pittsburgh, filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania claiming Brown owes him $11,500.

Forget ‘American Psycho’ — Instagram ‘finfluencers’ will fast-track your knowledge of Wall Street. Here are 7 of the bes...

One finfluencer said that you used to have to watch Wall Street movies to understand finance culture. Now, a quick scroll will suffice.
Australian influencer Sally Mustang.

A pregnant influencer’s Instagram account was taken down after she posted a nude photo celebrating her ’roundness’

Sally Mustang, who's five months pregnant, told Insider she was "devastated" when her account was temporarily removed. It's now been reinstated.

Instagram will restrict posts and ads about weight loss and cosmetic surgery to try and protect teen users

The new policy was formulated in conjunction with actress Jameela Jamil, a vocal opponent of the diet and detox industry.
Kathleen Haber, of Real Lunches of New York, uses edible eyes, lips and mustaches to turn foods into faces.

Instagram foodie moms share secrets for getting kids to eat fruits and veggies without a fight

Packing impressive school lunch has gotten competitive on social media, but it's not actually that hard.
Posting selfies may not be helping your personal image.

Posting selfies on Instagram may make you seem less likeable, less successful, and more insecure

"Posies" — when someone else has taken a photo of you — create a far more favourable impression, a new study suggests.
It's easy to clear Instagram cache on your iPhone to help your device and the app run smoothly.

How to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone to free up storage space

It's easy to clear Instagram cache on your iPhone by deleting the app in your settings and then redownloading it. Here's how to do it.

Smog, selfies, and city living are fueling demand for cosmetics, L’Oréal boss says

Urbanites socialize more and pollution threatens their hair and skin, while social media filters have ramped up pressure to look good in real life.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with baby Archie.

Meghan Markle called Prince Harry the ‘most amazing dad’ in an adorable Instagram post for his birthday

On the occasion of Prince Harry's 35th birthday, Meghan Markle posted a photo collage and sweet birthday message to Instagram.
Margot Lee is a senior at Syracuse University.

Syracuse University has an ‘unofficial pop-up class’ on becoming a YouTube star taught by a student who has 425,000 subscribers

Margot Lee has carved out a brand niche for herself as a college YouTuber, and has worked with brands like Sephora, Amazon, and Glossier.