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Ray Dalio, founder, co-chief investment officer, and co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates

These 9 hedge fund managers made an insane amount of money in 2018

Institutional investors details the top hedge fund earners of 2018. The investment managers raked in huge amounts of cash despite a tough year for the industry.
Louis Vuitton's executive team is one of the best in the business.

These European companies have the best executive teams, according to 1,900 analysts and fund managers

Institutional Investor ranked the continent's best CEOs, CFOs, and investor relations professionals across 31 industries.

The Wall Street legend who helped blow up the world explains why his ‘Frankenstein’ creation went so wrong

Lewis Ranieri, father of the mortgage-backed security, explains how his "Frankenstein" creation went so wrong and blew up the world.

A Wall Street legend explains why it ‘disturbs’ him when people tell him they ‘play the market’

Peter Lynch is a mutual fund legend. And in a recent interview with Institutional Investor, he explained why the phrase "play the markets" is disturbing.

These 5 hedge fund managers made over $1 billion in 2015

The top 5 made more than the next 20 hedge fund managers combined.