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Intel hits a record high after Trump shuts down the Qualcomm-Broadcom merger that would have created a super competitor

President Trump on Monday blocked chipmaker Broadcom's propsed $117 billioin buyout of Qualcomm citing national security.

Intel just reached its highest level since the tech bubble despite a massive security flaw

The stock's previous high, adjusted for splits and dividends, was $50.37, set at the closing bell on August 31, 2000

Intel pops after reports it was late to alert the US government to chip flaws

Shares of Intel rose on Friday despite reports that the US government was not alerted earlier to chip flaws that could have impacted national security.

Intel soars after beating big on earnings

It was the company's first earnings report since the Spectre and Meltdown flaws were reported.

Here comes Intel earnings…

Analysts will be watching for more clarity from the company about how it is dealing with the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws.

Millennials are loading up on Intel stock ahead of earnings

Young investors are unfazed by recent security flaws.
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

CREDIT SUISSE: Intel won’t see a near term earnings impact from Spectre or Meltdown

As the company prepares to report earnings, one analyst thinks Intel will be fine in the near term.

Intel and AMD are sliding after Microsoft says significant slowdowns can occur after Meltdown and Spectre updates

Flaws in how modern CPUs operate have sent computer makers scrambling to issue fixes.

Intel is rising after saying it’s fixed the ‘Spectre’ CPU flaw

Shares of Intel are rising on Friday after the company said it will release a fix for the "Spectre" flaw in its CPUs.

CREDIT SUISSE: People are making ‘mountains from molehills’ over Intel’s security flaw

Flaws in the central processing units of many manufacturers rocked the computing world on Wednesday.