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Ernesto Felix.

I struggled to embrace my Hispanic heritage at work for years, but now I run employee resource groups at Intel. Here’s my advice for others grap...

Ernesto Felix, a technical leadership development manager, works on several initiatives, including recruiting for Intel's Latinx Leadership Council.

Dell’s $1,850 XPS 15 laptop may seem expensive, but it’s a bargain compared another laptop with almost identical specs: Apple’s MacB...

The XPS 15 is one of the few laptops that has an OLED screen. The best TVs and smartphones have OLED screens, so laptops should have them, too.

Apple was secretly working a feature that would have reportedly let iPhones text each other without cell service

Apple was reportedly working on a feature that would let iPhone customers text without cell service, but those plans have been halted — for now.

AMD’s latest chip reveal is ‘one of the biggest turning points in the history of Silicon Valley,’ one analyst says

Google announced it would be the top buyer of the new product for its Cloud business. Amazon and Twitter will also invest in the EPYC 2 chip.
An Intel chip is seen in a circuit board being built at an ECI Telecom high-tech plant January 15, 2003.

Intel says it’s been selling tech to Huawei as the US eases up on the Chinese company

Intel's renewed business with Huawei comes as the US continues to shift its policy regarding the Chinese telecommunications giant.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

From Apple’s iPhone pivot to Microsoft’s cloud attack: Here’s the roundup of takeaways and insights from tech’s Q2 earnings re...

Who are the winners and losers in tech, as the top companies report their quarterly results? Read BI Prime's top analysis and takeaways here.

The 6 biggest bombshells and takeaways from tech’s wild week of earnings, from Amazon to Snapchat

From Facebook and Google to Snapchat and Amazon, the big takeaways from Q2 earnings season were not about profits and revenues.

Intel climbs on its $1 billion deal with Apple and improved 2019 forecast

About 2,200 Intel employees will move to Apple after the tech giant bought Intel's modem business. The deal is expected to close by the end of 4Q.
Intel CEO Bob Swan rings the Nasdaq opening bell to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary in 2018.

Intel stock soars 5% after announcing the $1 billion sale of its smartphone modem business to Apple and reporting numbers that crushed Wall Street est...

Intel is flying high after announcing a big $1 billion deal with Apple that will see it finally get out of the smartphone component business.

Apple is buying the majority of Intel’s smartphone-modem business in a $1 billion deal

Apple is acquiring the majority of Intel's smartphone-modem business in a deal valued at $1 billion.