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Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all releasing fixes for ZombieLoad, a scary security flaw in Intel chips that researchers just discovered

The bad news is that the latest security hole discovered in Intel's processors is bad. The good news is that vendors have patches available now.
Apple's iPhone XS

Apple reportedly considered buying Intel’s smartphone modem business

Apple and Intel held discussions about the iPhone maker acquiring its smartphone modem chip business, according to a new report.
Intel CEO Bob Swan

Intel dipped down over 6% after CEO Bob Swan said it’s ‘taking a more cautious view of the year’ as it slashes its earnings forecast...

One week after new CEO Bob Swan's surprise move to get out of the smartphone business, Intel reported its Q1 earnings. Stock fell 6% after the bell.

Qualcomm rockets higher by another 10% — extending the gains from its settlement with Apple

Qualcomm was up more than 10% Wednesday morning, extending the gains following its settlement with Apple.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple’s blockbuster legal settlement paves the way for a 5G iPhone

Apple reached a settlement with Qualcomm on Tuesday, resolving the companies' longstanding legal dispute.
Intel CEO Bob Swan

Intel dropped a bombshell and said it’s giving up on the 5G smartphone business: ‘There is no clear path to profitability and positive ret...

The move means that chipmaker Intel will no longer have any business in the smartphone device market.
A technician of computer microprocessors maker AMD poses for the media with a wafer at the chip plant in Dresden October 24, 2006. AMD celebrated its 10th anniversary of the AMD plant in the eastern German city of Dresden on Tuesday.

AMD spikes after analyst says it could gain market share in 2 key areas

AMD spikes 8% after an Instinet Nomura analyst initiated cover of the chipmaker and said he sees 25% upside.
The Aurora exascale supercomputer

Intel and the Department of Energy are building America’s first exascale supercomputer, a computer capable of a quintillion calculations per sec...

Intel and the Department of Energy are building Aurora, the US's first exascale supercomputer. It could do 1 quintillion calculations per second.
Intel CEO Bob Swan

New Intel CEO Bob Swan could make $138 million in salary and stock compensation if the company hits its most ambitious targets

We did some back-of-the-napkin math on new Intel CEO Bob Swan's compensation package, and how much it could be worth if Intel performs well.
Intel CEO Bob Swan

The rise of Bob Swan, who went from leading a notorious dot-com bust to becoming the new CEO of Intel

Bob Swan is Intel's new CEO. But in his career, he's been a part of a dot-com bust, a venture capital investor, and all kinds of other things besides.