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Trump just found another target at the Federal Reserve

The comment marked a departure from his usual broadsides against Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

‘Don’t blow it!’: Trump ramps up pressure on the independent Fed, saying it has a ‘faulty thought process’

The president has separately attempted to install political allies at the top of the central bank and suggested the US artificially weaken the dollar.
Interest rates on high-yield savings accounts are always subject to change.

Wealthfront has one of the best high-yield savings rates right now, and it probably won’t last for long

Like any high-yield savings account, the interest rate on Wealthfront's Cash Account is subject to change depending on the federal funds rate.
President Donald Trump stands behind Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell.

Who is Jerome Powell? The man Trump keeps trying to fire holds the fates of US economy and stock market in his grasp

He's the Chair of the Federal Reserve, and his interest-rate decisions are under extreme scrutiny from Donald Trump and stock investors alike.
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell holds a news conference on the television behind them in New York, U.S., June 19, 2019.

Stocks hit fresh highs as Wall Street anticipates a July rate cut

Fed Chairman Jay Powell reassured investors who had seen a rate cut as less likely following a strong June jobs report last week.

Stocks are climbing despite Trump’s latest China barbs as rate cut hopes buoy markets — the trade war is ‘back in focus’

Donald Trump criticized China, Singapore's economy unexpectedly contracted, and Chinese imports and exports fell.

Rate cuts are coming — and markets are ecstatic

Stocks climbed on Thursday after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell strongly hinted the central bank will cut rates this month.

The stage is set for the Federal Reserve to slash interest rates this month

The only question left seems to be: By how much will the Federal Reserve lower interest rates this month?

Stocks are rallying after the Fed signals it’s willing to cut interest rates

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told Congress that trade and growth concerns "continue to weigh on the US economic outlook."

Stocks are dropping as traders fear a shift in the Fed’s rate cutting stance

Traders will be listening intently to Jerome Powell's speech at the Boston Fed today for signs the central bank is changing its tune on policy.