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Here are the officials who vote on the Federal Reserve committee that sets interest rates

President Donald Trump often blames his monetary policy frustrations on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, but rates are determined by a group of central bankers.

The Fed isn’t ruling out a rate hike this year

Federal Reserve officials expect some aspects of the economy to improve in the coming months and could still increase interest rates later in the year, minutes from its latest meeting revealed Wednesday.

Trump’s Fed shakeup could leave US policymakers’ hands tied during a recession

Economists say that Trump's potential Fed nominees could hinder the central bank's ability to respond to a recession.

Trump just put pressure on the Fed to cut rates. Here’s what it’d take for that to happen, according to economists

Economists say business and consumer conditions would have to change substantially in order for an interest rate cut to happen.

Trump steps up pressure on Fed, calls for interest-rate cuts

President Donald Trump blamed the Fed for slowing growth Friday, saying it should cut interest rates and start injecting money into the economy.
California has the top three cities with properties over $1 million.

A housing-market slowdown could be bad news for renters

As the housing market cools across the US, economists say rental prices look poised to rise.

Yet another recession warning just flashed red — a Treasury ‘yield curve’ just inverted for the first time since 2007

A keenly watched measure of market sentiment on recession has just indicated that recession is increasingly in the cards.

Markets are reeling after a ‘bizarre’ Fed surprise

The Fed surprised traders by signalling there will be zero rate hikes this year and just one in 2020.

Here comes the Fed…

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to hold interest rates steady on Wednesday and to signal further that it may be a while before another hike.

The market has completely flipped its expectations for the Fed

Expectations for a rate hike this year have fallen below those for a cut, according to Bloomberg data.