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Here’s what it’s like inside Facebook’s first Singapore cafe, where the adorable emoji pancakes and coffee are completely free

Facebook is giving out free pancakes and coffee in Singapore for 3 days only, and everything will look good on your Instagram feed.

Seth Meyers: Trump is losing Americans’ trust fast, and the ‘resistance’ is just starting

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers explained how recent developments were contributing to President Donald Trump's record-low approval rating.

Stephen Colbert denounces Congress’ vote to end internet privacy rules: ‘Something we can all hate together’

On his "Late Show" Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert denounced the Republican-led congressional decision he argues no one wanted.

Under Trump, a growing number of US citizens are hiding their internet use like living in a ‘repressive’ regime

People in the US feel like their privacy is being threatened under Trump and are racing to download this privacy app, says the app's creator.