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One of the best-selling games of 2018 is nearly five years old — and the makers say ‘there’s plenty more content to come’

The "Grand Theft Auto" series has always been popular, but "Grand Theft Auto 5" is a phenomenon that's nearing 100 million units sold.
Bruce Linton.

The ‘world’s biggest legal-pot dealer’ talks about taking his company public and the future of weed

After founding the Canopy Growth five years ago in Smiths Falls, Canada — a small town in eastern Ontario, Canada — the company now has 6 million square feet of production space, helping it generate $78 million in revenue last year.
Beyonce likes to say a prayer before a big performance.

Beyoncé’s dad told us why she forms a prayer circle with her crew before every performance

Having managed Beyoncé and Destiny's Child for more than two decades, Mathew Knowles describes their evolution as music artists from their teenage years through to adulthood.

27 surprising things that affect whether you get hired

When deciding whether to hire a job candidate, interviewers take into account (sometimes subconsciously) everything from the weather on the day of the interview to what the candidate does with their hands.

Microsoft’s ambitious plan to build the future of gaming includes a Netflix-style gaming service, blockbuster games streamed to phones from the ...

Microsoft's Xbox One is in second place to Sony's PlayStation 4 by tens of millions of consoles. Xbox leader Phil Spencer has an ambitious plan to put Microsoft back on top.
Thomas Markle spoke to the hosts of "Good Morning Britain" about the royal wedding.

Meghan Markle’s dad said he made Prince Harry promise never to ‘raise your hand’ against her before they could marry

Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle, appeared in his first broadcast interview on Monday. In the interview with "Good Morning Britain", Markle expressed his regret at missing his daughter's wedding and his affection for her new husband Prince Harry.
Definitely not this.

17 things you should never wear to a job interview

Knowing what and what not to wear to an interview can be a real struggle for any job seeker. We've compiled some interview tips that should help you create the ideal interview outfit.

James Comey recalled Trump’s ‘impressively coiffed hair’ and hand size in his first meeting with the president

Comey discussed his highly-anticipated book in an ABC News interview, and detailed the most dramatic moments of his career before his firing as FBI director.

The 3 key words to use on your résumé to land the interview

Dave Carvajal, the author of "Hire Smart From The Start," explains how to set yourself apart in the competitive job market.
Jay-Z on "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman."

Jay-Z says he ‘cried because I was so happy’ when his mother came out to him as lesbian

Jay-Z discussed his mother's coming out as lesbian in an upcoming interview for David Letterman's Netflix talk show.