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Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Biologist John Odenkirk handles a large northern snakehead fish aboard his stunboat in waters off the Potomac River, Virginia May 23, 2013.

In case you didn’t have enough to worry about, there are now fish that can walk on land

As an invasive species that can outcompete native wildlife, Georgia officials are advising residents that find the fish to "kill it immediately."
Plenty of fish in the sea.

Video shows hundreds of invasive Asian carp jumping out of the water before being stunned by fisheries staffers, for science

Asian carp are an invasive species in American waters. They were being collected by fisheries staffers in Kentucky for a study.

Florida wildlife services declared open season in Florida — for iguanas

Record-breaking heat in Florida is attracting a slew of iguanas, and homeowners are encouraged to "kill green iguanas on their own property."
An iguana is seen as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission continues its efforts to try and control the invasive species on March 13, 2018 in Miami, Florida.

Bright green iguanas are invading Florida, and authorities are urging homeowners to kill them as fast as they can

The common, green iguanas can grow up to 5 feet long, live up to 10 years in the wild, and females can lay up to 76 eggs at one time.
The boa constrictor is among the hundreds of invasive species that could spread to new territories a result of the project.

China’s $1 trillion infrastructure project could encourage the spread of invasive bird and reptile species

China's Belt and Road initiative could accelerate the spread of invasive species.
Giant hogweed was just discovered in Clarke County, Virginia, for the first time. The plant's sap can cause severe burns.

A Virginia teen suffered third-degree burns after touching an invasive weed that can cause severe burns, blisters, scars, and blindness — here&#...

Giant hogweed sap makes skin extremely sensitive to the sun and can lead to third-degree burns in a short period. Scars can last for years. And the sap can cause blindness if it gets in an eye.
A hammerhead flatworm.

Giant predatory worms are invading France — and nobody noticed for almost 2 decades

The giant worms are part of a group of species called hammerhead flatworms, which originated in tropical Asia. Now, scientists are trying to understand what effects they may have on local ecosystems.
The fact that the ticks survived both the mid-Atlantic winter and eradication attempts is extremely bad news.

Mysterious ticks from Asia that can carry a deadly virus are now spreading in the US — and efforts to kill them are failing

Ticks from East Asia have been known to appear in such numbers that they've killed cattle by draining them of their blood. They can carry a potentially deadly virus that can cause severe fever, and maybe Lyme Disease, too.
The tick in question is known in East Asia and has become a problem in New Zealand and Australia. Is it now in New Jersey?

These invasive ticks can appear in such numbers that they drain cattle of their blood — and they’ve now been found in the US for the first...

Ticks from Asia have been found in the US for the first time. The species can clone itself, leading to devastating infestations.

Lionfish have invaded the Mediterranean — here’s why scientists are worried

Lionfish have colonized the southeastern coastline of Cyprus in a single year, and their numbers are expected to grow.