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Slack chief product officer April Underwood

Slack is losing its second-most important executive in the run-up to its expected IPO this year

Chief product officer April Underwood announced she's leaving Slack to focus on investing. Underwood was a vital part of launching Slack's platform.
What should you do with your money during a volatile market?

Experts explain what to do with your money right now, whether or not a recession is looming

Experts broke down four different options: investing in index funds, stock-picking, storing money in high-yield savings, or in a checking account.
Smoooth Dogg

Rapper Snoop Dogg is partnering with Swedish fintech unicorn Klarna, and has become a major shareholder

The Drop It Like It's Hot rapper has a history of investing in startups

When Vanguard’s founder first invented the index fund, it was ridiculed as ‘un-American,’ but 40 years later it’s clear his cr...

Jack Bogle pioneered low-cost index funds. They were heavily criticized at first, but now are seen as one of best ways to build wealth investing.

The Fed is Zeus and the algos are the underworld — Greek mythology is a lot like today’s wild markets, Macquarie says

Macquarie analysts break down how investors today can look to Greek mythology for a few lessons.
Jack Bogle, founder and retired CEO of The Vanguard Group, speaks during the Global Wealth Management Summit in New York June 17, 2014.

Warren Buffett says Jack Bogle converted ‘a lot of people to the right religion of investing’

Warren Buffett praised his legacy of Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard Group, who died Wednesday at 89.

Warren Buffett might be looking to buy these 12 stocks, Wells Fargo says

Warren Buffett might eye a list of stocks including Micron, Urban Outfitters, and Altria, according to a Wells Fargo analysis of their valuations.

We’re entering the most important earnings season in recent memory, and the fate of the stock market hangs in the balance

Earnings season comes at an uncertain time for the stock market. We outline why it's the most important reporting period in recent memory.
An arrangement of British newspapers show U.S. President Donald Trump on the front pages the day after his inauguration on January 21, 2017 in London, England.

Bank of America is using the news in a unique way to uncover what’s driving the stock market

A team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch is using a "news-based approach" to analyze the stock market's recent volatility.

Cash was the best-performing asset of 2018. Here’s what ‘going to cash’ means.

After a brutal year for investors across asset classes, some strategists have suggested cash is increasingly attractive. But what does that mean?