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Iowa could be the next state to amend its constitution and restore voting rights to tens of thousands of ex-felons

Florida voters approved a similar amendment last year, and if Iowa follows suit, only two US states will have lifetime voting bans for all felons.
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)

Rep. Steve King says he supports the congressional resolution condemning his own words on ‘white supremacy’

"I regret that we are in this place," Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa said. "I agree with every word that you have put in this."
Journalists watch Republican U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump (L) and Ted Cruz debate on large video monitors in the media filing center during the Republican U.S. presidential candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida March 10, 2016.

The 2019 calendar for 2020 presidential candidates is already shaping up

2019 just started, but the calendar for 2020 presidential candidates already includes stops in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the debate stage.

Rep. Steve King could be censured after asking why terms like white supremacist and white nationalist were offensive in an interview

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan has put his staff in motion to bring a censure before the House that would condemn King.

Julián Castro disavows PAC money ahead of presidential campaign announcement, joining Elizabeth Warren

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro said he will not accept PAC money if he runs for president in 2020 during an Iowa visit.

PHOTOS: Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign kicked off with an Iowa visit that included a selfie stick attack and questions about her recent DNA te...

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren went to four cities in Iowa to kick off the race for her party's nomination for the 2020 presidential election.
Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren at a rally in September 2018.

Elizabeth Warren is already hitting the 2020 campaign trail, starting with a vital swing state

Warren launched an exploratory committee a run this week. Her first in-person events are in Iowa, which has an outsize role choosing the president.
Mollie Tibbetts.

Mollie Tibbetts’ mom took in a child of Mexican immigrants

Laura Calderwood took in 17-year-old Ulises Felix, a friend of her teenage son, after the boy's parents left Iowa when political tensions flared.
Joe Biden.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke top the list of favored 2020 presidential candidates, Iowa poll shows

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the leading contender on a list of 20 potential Democratic presidential candidates, according to a new Iowa poll.