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How to crate train a dog, according to a professional dog trainer

Crate training can help with potty training, destructive behaviors, and traveling. Here's how to introduce your dog to a crate, according to a trainer.

How to use a nursing bra — and the best ones you can buy

Nursing bras are a great tool for new mothers. They make breastfeeding so much easier. Here's how to use a nursing bra and everything you'll need.

How to organize a bedroom closet

Creating a system that helps you keep your closet organized can be challenging. Here is how to organize a closet and what you need to do it.

How to use Amazon Prime Video to watch TV shows and movies

Prime Video is a service offered by Amazon that grants access to thousands of television and movie streaming options. Here's how you can sign up.
Dog muzzles have a bad reputation, but they are actually a great tool for protecting both dogs and people.

How to properly introduce a dog to a muzzle, according to a professional dog trainer

Dog muzzles can be used during play, on walks, and at the vet or groomer. A muzzle should be introduced slowly through a process called desensitization.
The Food Network Go app gives you access to all the best shows on the channel, provided you sign in with a pay-TV subscription.

How to watch your favorite shows on Food Network without a traditional cable subscription

Here's how to watch the Food Network channel online so you can see top shows like "Chopped" without a traditional cable subscription.

How to remove gel nail polish at home without ruining your nails

Gel nail polish can be particularly tricky to remove. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to remove gel nail polish at home.

How to sous vide and all the steps you need to do it

A sous vide machine is a useful kitchen appliance to have, and when you pair it with a vacuum sealer, you can make gourmet meals with little effort.
A LaFrieda Meat Purveyors fillet, fresh off the grill.

Pro Tips: How to cook the perfect medium-rare steak, according to Pat LaFrieda

This is Pro Tips, where industry experts share their secrets. Here, we asked meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda how to cook the perfect medium-rare steak.

Apple makes 5 different iPad models — here’s which ones are the newest

Apple has a lot of different iPad models, and now one of them is new for 2020: the newest iPad Pro. Here are all of the latest iPad models.