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To find your iPad's IP address, you'll need to go into your Wi-Fi settings.

How to find the IP address on your iPad in 4 simple steps

To find the IP address on your iPad, go into your network settings page. There, you can find your IP address by selecting your current Wi-Fi network.
You can change the language on your iPad at any time.

How to change the language on your iPad if it’s incorrect

To change the language on an iPad, you'll need to go into your "Language and Region" settings menu, where there are dozens of language options.

Apple’s back-to-school deals include discounts on Macs and iPads, plus you can get a free pair of Beats headphones until September 26

Apple offers great education discounts on MacBooks, Macs, and iPads. Back-to-school deals range from $50 off iPads to $400 off Macs.
There are two main ways to silence an iPad, one of which you can do on any iPad.

How to fully silence your iPad so it makes no sound when you receive alerts, play games, or type

You can silence an iPad by using the bell icon in its Control Panel to mute the device, or flip the switch on its side, depending on your iPad model.
When figuring out how much an Apple Pencil will cost you, you first need to figure out which one you need.

‘How much is the Apple Pencil?’: A breakdown of Apple’s advanced iPad styluses, including their prices and which iPads each works wi...

The original Apple Pencil costs $99, and the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation costs $129. The two Apple Pencils work with specific iPads.
The first generation Apple Pencil is easy to identify by its perfectly round shape and Lightning connector in the back.

Not all iPads can use the Apple Pencil — here’s a breakdown of which iPads are compatible with which version of the Pencil

Not all iPads are compatible with the Apple Pencil, but most newer iPads can use it. It also depends on which version of the Apple Pencil you have.

Best Buy is offering up to $150 off the iPad and iPad Pro tablets for a limited time

Apple's iPad and iPad Pro are some of the best tablets you can buy. Best Buy is offering some noteworthy deals on the two tablets for a short time.

We compared the iPad Pro and the iPad Air to see which tablet is best for most people — and the more affordable Air is the winner

There are a lot of different iPad models available now, so it's harder to choose which one works for you. We compared the iPad Air and iPad Pro.
Changing your iPad's passcode is an easy process if you know the code, but it's not the end of the world if you don't.

I’ve been using Apple’s new iPad software for the past week — here are my 5 favorite things about it so far

Apple's iPadOS software update brings big changes to the iPad. Here are our five favorite features so far after using the public beta.
Apple may be launching new iPad Pro models this year.

Apple already made a big update to its tablet lineup this year, but it looks like more new iPads could be coming soon

Apple may release two new iPads soon, according to regulatory filings. The launch would come after Apple launched new iPad Air and iPad mini models.